Bringing Light Into The Darkness

In light of another school shooting I am repeating my article about how creating thriving environments for our children is one of many action steps that can be taken in the possible prevention of these kinds of things in our society. I send blessings for all who are in need of comfort and peace at this time.

A Home with a Heart

Are you living with a household that is driven by ego? Our egos are necessary and important but never meant to act as our controller. We are so busy attempting to serve our ego’s needs instead of our deeper purpose.

An Environment Fix for our Children

I have found that the environment in which children are afforded the opportunity to have direct influence in creating their own space can help them made a shift in their mindset and in their behavior. "When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." -- Alexander Den Heijer [...]

New Energy Tips for Chinese New Year

Every year we go through a major shift of energy recognized in the west on New Year’s Day, and in the east on Chinese New Year (this year it falls on February 8, 2016). Both of these celebrate the New Year and offer an opportunity to start anew. Chinese New Year which always falls on […]