The Year of the Metal Rat – Chinese New Year 2020

It’s a time to be brave, step forward and begin to do the behind the scene work for this next 12 year cycle. Be frugal with money and energy. Take care to have plenty of downtime as the Rat years can be fast paced. Tips to get through this energetic year.

Mother’s Day- Honoring the Divine Mother

What is this energy? The energy of the Divine Mother Feminine is a unique and natural experience that women bring to the world also from the feminine side of the male as well. Unique in that the feminine energy is interested in nourishing what sustains life and natural in that we are born automatically plugged into being connected to others.

A Home with a Heart

Are you living with a household that is driven by ego? Our egos are necessary and important but never meant to act as our controller. We are so busy attempting to serve our ego’s needs instead of our deeper purpose.

Incorporating Feng Shui to Your Outdoor Spaces

If you could associate springtime with a room you wouldn’t find inside the home, as it would be outside in the garden. Our yards are where many of us enjoy spending time in the warmer months. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a weekend patio grower the time is fast approaching to incorporate new […]

Homes Speak to Me

I am a Holistic Interior Designer Feng Shui consultant and Life Style Coach but I am often called a “home whisperer”. I have always had the ability to hear the voice of the homes but after visiting hundreds of homes over 2 decades I have sharpen the skill. In this article I share 3 ways […]