Fall Group De-Cluttering Program (Oct/Nov/Dec 2017)

Special Offer for this Once a Year Program!

Less can mean MORE!

RELEASE THE STUFF AND Re-Energize your Life!!
A 3-month online transformational program.

I am so excited about what de-cluttering I am offering a Group Coaching De-cluttering Program this Fall and it only happens once a year.

Are you ready to re-energize your life, to clear the clutter in your life on all levels in order to create new room for joy and love? If your answer is yes, check out my 3-month coaching program and sign up.

Last time I did a big de-cluttering project I ended up writing an award winning book, Emily’s Room – Creating Spaces that Unlock Your Potential.

I know that if it worked for me, I know that it will for you too. Whether you let go a paperclip a day or a whole garage of stuff, letting go will reconnect you with increased energy and passion. Think about what possibilities are waiting for you?

If you only dare to let go!!

Top Idaho Author

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