Spiritual Guidance through Intuitive Card Readings

These intuitive readings are the direct result of Katherine’s experience honing her natural intuitive skills as an energy and light worker for over three decades. She excels at reading energetic patterns of individuals and their homes’ energetic chakras, as well as traveling into the soul world. Katherine can guide you into connecting and communicating with a beloved person who has crossed over, a personal guide or ally, or an angel or archangel. She uses her training in clairaudience, combined with refined intuitive skills of reading energy (chi), in tandem with her direct relationship to the realm of angels and archangels.

What you can expect from a reading:

Your reading starts with an overview of your concerns and energy patterns, followed by an angel card reading and/or guided mediation, to bridge into the higher realms of chi (energy) and the soul world. By connecting with soul world, clarification and insights of personal and/or environmental energetic patterns will emerge, revealing your soul’s point of view. These readings will help you strengthen your own spiritual confidence and become more empowered in your life. Sessions may be conducted via Skype or phone, by in-person appointment. Use the link below to schedule your session now.

What are your current pressing concerns?

The following list includes example areas of concern that intuitive readings can help you gain insight and clarification about, providing you peace and freedom.

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Family concerns and crises
  • Health and vitality
  • Spiritual purpose and destiny
  • Sudden loss
  • Death of a loved one

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