OM Your Home or Office

Do you have a room that doesn’t feel quite right? Is it missing something? Or could you use help rearranging your furniture to solve a traffic flow issue? Katherine can help and this can all be accomplished in one day (or less)!

Katherine specializes in Interior Makeovers. She can work magic with what you already own by using her knowledge of interior design + energy analysis & flow for creating thriving environments.  She has “made over” 100’s of homes, and left her clients with spectacular results.

De-stress your Environment One-Day Makeovers
Create a Harmonious Living Environment in your home or office with LITTLE or NO NEW INVESTMENT

Om Your Home or Office

Using what you already own, Katherine creates an Interior Makeover tailored to reflect your taste and style, while respecting your budget. The ideal placement of furniture, art and accessories transforms your home or office into a place of unique beauty, harmony and comfort.

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