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Continuing to build on raising the vibration of our lives with the Power of Place – Feng Shui, Life Design Coaching focus is on the power of your mindset. This subtle yet powerful shift catapults a faster and higher level of spiritual personal growth. In order to sustain a healthy and powerful energy flow within our environments it is imperative to additionally align our physical, the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects for a balanced and whole life. At this level you will learn how to dissolve & process outdated patterns that no longer serve you while leaning to replace these with new Life Design tools and templates that help you with our emerging spiritual essence that is awakening at a fast pace. The aim is to live a spiritually rich lifestyle that is life affirming and sustaining in which our full potential is realized.

Your Coach/Feng Shui Designer:

Katherine’s visionary and pioneering spirit set out on a self-discovery in her late teen’s to heal painful and traumatic childhood experiences. This led her to create a powerful 3 level system of practices from multiple disciplines; including yoga, shamanism, and Feng Shui. She have been in over hundreds of homes and businesses over the past few decades, sharing her “tried and true”

Feng Shui and Life design is an evolution of her work over the years with hundreds of clients, both in their homes or in coaching and as a Feng Shui holistic designer. In addition, she has facilitated a multitude of women’s groups and circles on Transformation and Healing topics including Transformational Healing, Yoga, Feng Shui, and other health and well-being modalities that aid in transforming their lives to live as heroic feminine leaders and healers. Her clients experience greater improvement in their personal and professional lives as they create the inner/outer environments that support their intentions.

Katherine Allen holds a BA in Art, Community, Health and Sociology, a Professional Interior Design degree and is certified in Feng Shui. Katherine is trained in the intuitive arts through an Apprenticeship with Shaman Lynn Andrews, as well as Yoga certification and many other holistic practices. She is also received training as a Courageous Life Coach by Kendall Summerhawk.

What clients have to say about working with Katherine:

Life Design Coaching Packages & Programs

The VIP Wise Woman Program

A 3-month program aimed at those ready to demystify the codes that allow greater energy and purpose in daily living....

The Art of Living Well

The integrative approach of Feng Shui and Harmony Life style coaching come together to unlock hidden potential and help you create your best life....

Saying Yes to Your Heart

Saying Yes to Your Heart

Saying Yes to Your Heart is a brief introduction to the approach she uses in helping her clients create harmony in their homes and in their lives....

Shifting from “Surviving to Thriving”

3 month in-depth transformational journey in making small energy shifts in the environment that yield huge results....

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