The Power of Place–Feng Shui for Home or Business

These services transform your home or business into an optimal eco-system uniquely suited to you. Creating a proper and correct Feng Shui environment is a powerful way to increase and sustain life energy, enabling you to live each day in health, prosperity and well-being.

Feng Shui enhances the harmony within a space by boosting vital energy (chi) through cures, enhancements and expert design.

More about Katherine’s Integrative Feng Shui Approach.

The integrative approach acts as a bridge between Feng Shui, with its ancient wisdom and roots in antiquity, and the transitional times we are now experiencing. Katherine’s approach closes the gap, helping you transform an inner world of daily struggle, stress and unhappiness into a life of ease and grace. Integrative Feng Shui provides services to help you unblock and stimulate the vital energy called “chi” within your inner and outer environments. Through “Feng Shui eyes” you begin to see your external environment as the mirror of how you view yourself. With newfound clarity and clear intention, you will begin to shift your life toward unleashing your highest human capacities.

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