Clear Your Life-Clear Your Clutter!


Fall Group Program: Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2017

Less can mean MORE! RELEASE THE STUFF AND Re-Energize your Life!! A 3- month online transformational program.

Are you ready to re-energize your life, to clear the clutter in your life on all levels in order to create new room for joy and love? If your answer is yes, submit the form below for more information.

3 month – Creating Harmonious Living Now With Feng Shui

This Program is designed to help you to develop greater awareness, access inner wisdom as you create a sacred, beautiful and comfortable home. You will learn how to:

  • Release frozen fears within your body, mind and spirit.
  • Boost your energy and re-connect with your authentic power.
  • Learn new clearing habits.
  • Reclaim your space and raise your vibration to live within new possibilities.
  • Create “bright faith” (spiritual passion) as you connect with your higher guidance.
  • Stake and Claim you dreams as you re-connect with your home.
  • Keep your heart open to receiving greater love.
  • Let go of guilt & shame as you break down the wall of isolation.
  • Access divine energy.
  • Release the stress of daily clutter.
  • Learn to establish habits that stop procrastination.

This is YOUR opportunity to live in greater freedom as you lighten and brighten your life and home.

The Process

Clutter has far reaching effects on our body and mind and the emotional and spiritual aspects of our life.

There is a turning point on everyone’s our spiritual journey from accumulating to editing.

The turn is really an opportunity to renew our passion to live in greater joy. But, we must get ‘unstuck’ from our own clutter.

Clearing clutter is transforming as it releases and transmutes negative, heavy, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy.

This program aim and emphasis is “how” to clear the clutter that will energetically clean up stuck energy.

Every step along with way you will feel lighter, brighter, and happier, as you begin to live on purpose. Each month we will look one of the three de-cluttering steps.

In this program you will:

  • Learn to identify and clear out your own clutter.
  • Free up stuck energy
  • Each person will determine their level of participation.

Month One - Step 1

The first teaching call is an overview of Today’s Feng Shui approach to clutter, what is it and how does it affect our lives. You will learn way to identify where you accumulate your clutter and how has it served you up to this point. A deeper look at how to begin to clean up and clear our lives, inside and out. The first month you will take an inventory our own clutter. The ba-qua map will be introduced tool that reveals how your home and your life are inner connected.

Month Two - Step 2

Building on step one in the second month you will start and complete a small project or two that will build your confidence for step three.

Katherine will share several techniques including mindset strategies on how to de-clutter from the inside out. This may include de-cluttering closets, drawers, entry areas, garages, cars and even your own purse. At this point in the program emphasis is on providing the support, guidance and encouragement to release emotional and mental baggage that you have been carrying.

Month Three - Step 3

Now, with new confidence this months’ focus is to step into a larger project of your choosing and complete it. Katherine will help and support you as you choose a special area or areas within your home to engage in a big de-clutter project.


This program is offered in two ways:

Group Program (offered once a year) or
VIP customized one-on-one program.

Use the form below to contact us for more information.

Clear Your Life - Clear Your Clutter!

De-cluttering from the-Inside-Out!

This 3-Month Program is designed to help you to develop greater awareness, access inner wisdom as you create a sacred, beautiful and comfortable home.

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