Emily’s Room-Creating Spaces that Unlock your Potential

By Katherine Allen, Holistic Interior Designer

Dear Friend, Welcome, I am glad you are here.

It seems like only yesterday that a little girl named Emily, born from my imagination, changed everything. She quickly became my most memorable client and a friend forever. I know that once she is introduced to you that you will feel the same. Emily’s Room-Creating Spaces that Unlock your Potential, invites you to explore a new world where you can tap into your highest potential by creating an environment that enriches and nourishes your home and your life.

This story captures Emily’s personal journey of how she created her own perfect eco system for success. It includes the “Lights On” copyright 2015 design toolkit to help her friends create their own special room, that make their hearts sing.

I am thrilled to share Emily’s Room – Creating Spaces that Unlock your Potential with you.

Katherine Allen
Top Idaho Author
Leaders' Favorite 5-Star

Book Description:

Readers experience this world through the eyes and voice of a bright and beautiful little girl named Emily. Emily’s body is wired a little differently than others; her spirit and heart are connected directly to her hair. Her reddish-gold curls lift and dance around her head, forming a halo when something is really important to her. Her eyes sparkle like canary diamonds when she gets excited.

As she follows these two cues, which together act like the needle of a compass pointing her toward true north, she decorates her own room in a way that will inspire your inner child as well as the precious children around you to want to do the same.

With the encouragement of her parents, Emily transforms an empty bedroom into a beautiful space that becomes uniquely her own. She envisions colors, textures, favorite animals, nature—impressions of her life she wants to surround herself with. As Emily explores how she wants her room to look and feel and function, she begins to understand more about herself.

Through sharing Emily’s journey of discovery, readers learn about an intuitive, unconventional method of holistic decorating. The method is not just about the way a room looks—it’s about creating a space where we are at peace, inspired, and supported in reaching our full potential. The book includes a toolkit inside that guides readers through their own creative process, from generating ideas through mapping out a personal design plan.

About the Author:

Katherine Allen

Katherine Allen is a Holistic Interior Design and Lifestyle coach. She is the founder of HarmoniousLivingNow.com in which she helps her clients integrates the power of place, with the power of mindset, Life Style Coaching, to create harmonious and thriving environments. She writes, speaks and coaches from Boise, Idaho where she lives with her husband, Jim and their daughter Serena. She is also the mother of adult children, Abel and Larissa and proud Grandmother of 3 beautiful children.

Katherine Allen

Serena Allen-Szatkowski

Serena, daughter of Katherine, is the creative director contributing the original story board drawings used in the book. Starting at two years old she started to communicate with her drawings and continues to create stories, draw and design. She is now in High School and wants to pursue her art when she graduates.

Stephanie Mullani

Stephanie brought Serena’s drawings to life. Stephanie was classically trained by the top art and design schools in the world and has over 20 years of experience in illustration, fine art, and creative fields.  Stephanie’s work has been featured on product and package design, magazines, and television in more than 19 countries.  Emily’s Room is the 10th book she has illustrated and was complete joy for her to help bring to life.  Connect with Stephanie at: www.TruPublishing.com

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