The Year of the Metal Rat – Chinese New Year 2020

When we honor the beginning of the New Year on the lunar calendar system by celebrating Chinese New Year, we align with mother earth’s seasonal rhythms.  As we align to natural cycles, we experience the natural patterns of our entire lives: birth, growth, death and regeneration. Each season has its own connection to our internal clock and we are connected with Mother Nature’s beats.

Every aspect of our lives is affected by seasonal shifts, our sleep, the food we eat and our energy is connected to the particular season we are experiencing.  We play in the summer and rest in the winter. It is a more cosmic, universal, and connected way of living our lives. While the seasons are similar, each year holds something new in our lives.  A new energy is born in the earth’s energy grid and we experience it as well.

The Chinese astrological system provides us with yearly predictions which give us clues as to the theme of the energy for each year.  While each individual is influenced in a unique way, we all can feel a common thread as it unfolds. So, what is this year about?

This Chinese New Year in 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat.  The Rat years are very energetic. It also begins a new 12 cycle and often indicates great opportunities and growth, beginnings, surprises some good and some challenging.  While the unrest and tensions will continue its good to note that we have learned from the past and are more aware of where to step forward and where not to. It’s a time to be brave, step forward and begin to do the behind the scene work for this next 12 year cycle. Be frugal with money and energy. Take care to have plenty of downtime as the Rat years can be fast paced.

Planning early is advised for any activities.

To make sure that your home environment is safe, protected and nourishing for this year I am providing a few tips and strategies to kick off this Chinese New Year’s shift to The Year of the Metal Rat.

Please feel free to adapt these ideas to your own intuition and creativity as we live in a different culture so we need to be sensitive to that.  But, the main idea is to use this opportunity to become more intentional about your life for this New Year.

Harmony for the Home and your Life

Get Ready for New Energy on Chinese New Year, January 25, 2020 by doing some or all of these suggestions.

It is always beneficial to encourage the best energy you can before Chinese New Year.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Get the energy flowing by starting with de-cluttering and cleaning the home.
  2. Add purification sprays, oils, and soaps, lotions such as lemon, lemongrass or what smells clean to you after you clean.
  3. Then, prepare a beautiful floral arrangement before January 25, near the entrance with fresh lemons, oranges, or any citrus to encourage the good energy and dispel the negative.

My Personal Ceremony for Chinese New Year, based on adaptation of a Black Hat Sect New Year’s celebration.

On the actual day of the Chinese New Year, January 25, 2020 I will not be sweeping or cleaning as to disturb the new energy that day.

I  will open the front door in the morning between 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and say a prayer that has two parts: one, to keep all ill will away from entering and two: to invite the spirits of good to enter throughout the year for a year of blessings, protection and prosperity. (You can add your own mix of intentions)
Later that day my family usually meets at a local Chinese Buffet to get into the spirit of day or I prepare a meal and invite my family to celebrate the New Year that is ahead of us.

And that is it.  If I were on vacation during this day I would simply visualize doing this at my own home during those hours.

For more information or to get started:

New Year Alignment & Reset

Re-fresh Your Environment and Increase your New Year

Chinese New Year is an auspicious time to hit the reset button.   Now is the time to set sail in a new direction as we head into yet another year full of promise to make our lives and our homes/offices harmonious!

If you would like to access the energy of huge growth potential in the Year of the Metal Rat, it is important to set your intention in a New Year Alignment and Reset consult.