The Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

The rooster is one of the most proud animals as he loves to strut his stuff and to wake us up early in the morning. This gives a clue to what type of energy this year’s theme holds. The rooster likes to show off his wealth and take doesn’t hesitate to stake a claim on what he wants. He loves to display his/her wealth, abundance, vigor and vitality and as a result this year holds opportunities that are wonderful for extra growth, income and love relationships. His early morning rising reminds us to keep awake and stay awake this year to all the goodness that is possible. The element of fire during this year highlights optimism for growth and opportunity. But, in order to be ready for this you have to be prepared. But, you must be aligned and prepared to take full advantage. If you would like to access the energy of huge growth potential in this Fire Rooster year, it is important to set your intention in a New Year Alignment and Reset consult. I have a special offer below if you are someone that would like to be prepared to harness the growth energies of 2017.

Get Ready for New Energy on Chinese New Year

  • Get the energy flowing by starting with de-cluttering and cleaning the home.
  • Add purification sprays, oils, and soaps, lotions such as lemon, lemongrass or other clean-smelling scents after you clean.
  • Then, prepare a beautiful floral arrangement, near the entrance with fresh lemons, oranges, or any citrus to encourage the good energy and dispel the negative.

My Personal Ceremony for Chinese New Year, based on adaptation of a Black Hat Sect New Year’s celebration.

On the actual day of the Chinese New Year, I will not sweep or clean on as I do not want to disturb the energy.  I will open the front door in the morning between 9:00am -12:00pm and say a prayer that has two parts: one, to keep all ill will away from entering and two: to invite the spirits of good to enter throughout the year for a year of blessings, protection and prosperity. (You can add your own intentions)

Later that day my family will meet for dinner to celebrate the New Year that is ahead of us.

And that is it. If I were on vacation during this day, I would simply visualize doing this at my own home during those hours.

Special Offer

The Chinese New Year is an excellent time to reset your energy from the inside out with a special offer of a personalized energy shift and analysis of your home or office. This 1.5 hr on-site or via phone focus is placing 2017 Feng Shui cures for the New Year that will seat your intention for greater happiness and success for the entire year. $137.00

Email Katherine at [email protected] to set up appointment. Offer only runs until February 4, 2017