My Best Summer Harmony Tips!

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are experiencing Summer Time, which begins officially on June 21.

There is power in the being in the Now. Summertime allows us to be and experience this power. Being more present can take many forms, from the lively carpe diem (seize the day) to the enjoyment of life and in the quiet moments we experience as we play in nature during the summer time. By spending time in nature, whether you are gardening, taking a walk or meeting friends for lunch and sitting at an outdoor table all of our senses become alive when we are outdoors. The summer days are filled with light allowing the growing cycle to increase at a faster rate and this is equally true with our dreams and goals.

Here are some tips and suggestions for summer that are sure to help you find harmony inside and out.

Harmonious Feng Shui (Mindset) Suggestions:

  • Feed your creativity; unleash the play in your life.
  • Make a list of all the things you would love to experience and people you would love to see. Pencil in a time to do those things and have the visits with the people that you most would love to see, even if it is by email or Facebook messaging.
  • Shift your attitude from I have to do this all myself to full cooperation with your soul. Affirm, “I am fully cooperating with my soul today!”

External Harmonious Feng Shui tips:

  • Balance the intensity of the sun and heat with the water element. Water features like fountains or water in a crystal bowl with floating flowers placed on your table are a few ideas to bring in the water element. Images of water in artwork, as well as the water colors of blue and green are additional ways to bring in the coolness of the water element.
  • Lighten the colors and fabrics in your spaces. Change out your pillows, bedding, rugs, and curtains to lighter colors and in weight. Think light, breezy like the oceans’ colors and textures as well.
    If you feel that the summer heat is too much and you are feeling drained then change bedsheets or even a tablecloth to a cooler and/or pastel color. A light blue, green or purple are the cool tones but a pastel peach, pink or yellow will lighten the heaviness as well.
  • Soften the home with green plants as many of us close up our homes when it is hot and turn on the air conditioning. The plants will help remove toxins from the stuffy indoor air and balance the heat with earth cool energy.
  • For Calm and cooling energy use crystals within your space or even wearing them in your jewelry. Purple amethyst, turquoise, blue topaz or a blue-lace agate are a few of my favorites.
  • Bring the inside out! Set up an outdoor space for yourself, where you and spend time relaxing outdoors. Add elements like a bamboo umbrella or paper lanterns to create relaxing spaces to read that favorite book.

Summer Affirmation

I allow the brilliance of my mind to become flexible and set my Self free from normal routines as I surrender and trust my instincts!

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