Stuck? Get your energy by flinging 27 things away.

Ever awoke up in the morning feeling a bit heavy and stuck. This happens to all of us because as we sleep, we lose momentum. Delving deeper into de-cluttering from the inside–out, the importance of new daily de-cluttering habits is readily apparent. One of the de-cluttering habits that can get stuck in energy moving is the Feng Shui cure of moving 27 things in 27 days (or any variation of that). Flinging away 27 things in 27 minutes in the garbage each and every morning is a variation of that idea that I find very helpful. It helps you to get past feeling stuck and, instead, to feeling unstoppable and energized. Simply start the day by establishing a new habit of flinging out 27 things each day.

You don’t have to look far to find things to fling every morning. Simply open your make-up bag or drawer, medicine chest, cupboards or refrigerator as you get ready for the day or as you make breakfast to find things that are ready to be released. Don’t deliberate, analyze or hesitate, just start flinging. By flinging you release old stagnant energy which allows for new space and momentum bringing in the new. Moving a few objects along only takes a small amount of effort yet that small step forward can yield big results. It gives you momentum and helps you to land right smack in the flow of your day. The simple rule is that by moving energy, the stuck energy is released.
In the world of Feng Shui the number 27 is auspicious. It adds up to the number 9 (=7+2) which is completion. Try using the 9 number variations but don’t let it become a stumbling block because you don’t understand or you need more clarification. Simply explore what it feels like to establish a daily habit of flinging something and you will find that by releasing and letting go of something, a new vitality of energy can come into your life.