Simple Tips to Welcome Chinese New Year 2014

1, 2, 3, Get Ready for New Energy on Chinese New Year

2014 Chinese New YearThe Chinese New Year in 2014 is on January 31. It marks the beginning of a new energy and is a time that is often steeped in tradition in which many festivals happen throughout February 18. While these celebrations are not always celebrated in the west we can join in by incorporating a few simple tips to welcome this new energy of 2014 and bring our intentions to increase our luck throughout the entire year.

The Horse in Chinese astrology is a bright lucky intelligent energetic and good friend and so by bringing in some of these traits we maximize the luck of this year.

It is always beneficial to encourage the best energy you can for a New Year.

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Get the energy flowing by starting with de-cluttering and cleaning the home.
  2. Add purification sprays, oils, and soaps, lotions such as lemon, lemongrass or whatever you enjoy.
  3. Then, decorate your home in keeping with the horse’s minimalist approach. Keep things clean and uncluttered but introduce the wood elements such as adding healthy live plants, simple wood frames with art images of plants, trees, orchids or bamboo. Also, add a bit of a whimsical feel to your rooms and fresh flowers on the dining room table throughout the year.

This will continue to activate this New Year’s energy of expecting the unexpected in good ways.