September 12th Book Signing at Spirals Gift Shop – Chelan Washington

Special Event

Designer/Author Talk and Book Signing

Join us in the first-release book signing and author presentation with Katherine Allen, Designer and, author of Emily’s Room – “How to create spaces that unlock your potential.” Design Toolkit included.

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Emily's Room

Spirals Gift Shop
215 E Woodin Ave.
Chelan, Wa
Tel. 509.682-2383

Date: September 12, 2015
Time: 10:30 am-12:00 pm Author talk at 11:00 am
Cost: $15.00 Includes Author Talk and signed personal copy

The Authors’ talk will introduce you to:

  • New perspectives of design that raise your vibration and boost your energy
  • New Design requirements to create thriving spaces that support purpose, passion and dreams
  • Connecting with your Home and Life in a transformative way

Katherine AllenPresented by Katherine Allen, Holistic Interior Designer, Feng Shui Expert and Lifestyle Coach with over 18 years of designing spaces and helping clients make positive lifestyle changes within their environment from the inside out.

“I believe we are born to live our potential and that our environments play an important role in that pursuit.” 


Emily’s Room-How to Create Spaces that Unlock your Potential

Note to Reader by Katherine Allen, author/designer/coach:

Emily’s Room is written through the eyes and voice of a little girl named Emily. Emily’s body is wired a little differently than others. Her spirit and heart are connected directly into her hair. Her hair lifts and dances on the top of her head, forming a halo when something is really important to her. Her eyes sparkle like canary diamonds when she gets excited. With the encouragement of her parents, Emily transforms an empty bedroom into a beautiful space that becomes uniquely her own. Emily and I had so much fun that we together created a design toolkit for all ages that you can follow along so that you can create a room of your own and will make your heart sing.

Testimonials & Reviews:

I have felt so much energy and creativity since reading Emily’s Room that it helped me get over a big writing block. You are really onto something with this book and toolkit that will help readers of all ages trust their hearts and find their spark.

– Peggy Jordan, Artist &. Writer



Learning, understanding and implementing the principles of design at any age allows for the creation of spaces that feel right. This book gives the readers the tools and Toolkit in a fun and easy to understand way that will be useful for creating unique and wonderful spaces. I am giving this book to my children and my clients.

– Robyn Salathe, Architect


Emily’s Toolkit of the “Light’s On” Method of Design helps you create environments that make your heart sing.