Reclaiming Life Focus for Autumn

Autumn is the time of the year that is balancing light and dark in equal proportions. So this is a time of balance for us as well, the scales start tipping towards equilibrium. While many of us call balance into our lives, it is often misunderstood that first, while the scale is tipping, a disturbance of energy throws off the existing balance that we have. A short transition time can bring in its own chaos, while the new balance is recovered. Autumns’ strength provides us with insight, clarity and most of all structure, drawn from its associated element-metal from the five element theory used in Feng Shui, acupuncture and other eastern modalities. Dianne M Connelly, author of the classic book, called “Traditional Acupuncture,” shares “that by instinct we flow with the patterns found in nature and that fall is associated with the element of metal.” While many of us think of metal as cold and hard, it is not its beginning state. It is more like the salt of the earth contained in the minerals of the earth. Salts and minerals provide substance and richness to the soil. Some of these minerals are for structural strength some providing fuel for heat and others are gems of great beauty. The season of autumn is also the time of harvesting, a time to prepare for winter and to pull one’s resources together and prepare to let go of the unwanted or no longer needed items.

What can you do to join in the natural rhythm of this season, both internally and externally? Take time to re-focus and gather the energy it will take to move into winter’s decline. Spend some quiet time refocusing on the intention behind your activities and reassess how your activities fit into the overall plan of your goals. Re-write your goals on several pieces of paper; place them around the mirror in the bathroom in your purse or wallet on your refrigerator anywhere you can remind yourself of what is important to focus on. Celebrate your achievements and harvest what you have accomplished by having a harvest party with your favorite friends – have them bring an item from their gardens and make vegetable soup to share on a cooler October day.

Autumn’s Harmony Hacks for Home & Life – The Season of Joy

  • Bring items from out in the yard closer towards the center of the home or store them away. This is a great time to remind yourself of all the fun you had in the summer and fill your heart with joyful memories.
  • Look to nature for color inspirations. Add yellow, red and orange hues in floral arrangements and with other items in the home. I love yellow mums and sunflowers. Yellow is a happy color and adding it is sure to add some sunshine and joy into your home.
  • Appreciate the bounty of harvest time by having a small gathering of friends and/or family to celebrate together.

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