New Year Energy Tips: “Nice and Easy”

As we head into yet another year full of great promise, the reality is that most of us go back to ‘living by default’ after only a few weeks into the New Year. It can be overwhelming, and it may seem impossible, to step boldly forward into manifesting your goals/dreams into real experiences. These dreams are possible! If we get clear with ourselves and access the right goal/dream and then deepen our commitment, it then becomes possible. I love the quote from, Napoleon Hill that states “that whatever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Most of us begin our New Year Resolutions right after the holidays. As evidence, I share my own yearly observation of attending my local gym. Every year, the yoga classes I attend swell with newbie’s eager to step into their New Year commitment of losing weight and getting into better shape. All month long there is barely any elbow room, but I don’t sweat it, because I know that when February hits, many will burn out. Then, once again, I will have plenty of space to flay my arms and legs around without bumping into anyone.

Why did so many people start the New Year with a bang, but then so quickly quit on making good on their well-intended resolutions? The reason, from energetic perspective, is because most of us are not taught the energetic and soulful way to set a goal. Most of us start a goal from a reactionary desire, rather than a real heart’s desire. The real heart’s desire is only revealed through self-inquiry. The truth is that any real change takes work, discipline and, most of all, a deeper level of commitment.

Here are a few ways to have an energetic edge on becoming successful at your New Year’s hearts desires.

  1. One reason that goals/dreams are not realized is that we begin them too fast or it isn’t simply the right timing. When we rev-up our energy up too fast – it burns out. Liken your goals and dreams to running a marathon and not a short sprint. It may take you a bit longer than you think and that is okay.
  2. Build your goals/dreams by making small and consistent daily action steps. That will gain participation of the parts of you that are not all in the same game yet. You have to befriend the voices that are resistant to change. When we go too fast or too direct, we build resistance, allowing our inner voices of the perfectionist, critic and saboteur to turn-up their volume, making the task too difficult.
  3. Doing “nothing” is not easy. When is the right time to begin your goals? One can make a hundred changes, but the right one is what is most important. The new energy of the year does not come into the universal grid until Chinese New Year which begins this year on February 8, 2016. Every year, the Chinese New Year falls on the first New Moon, so you have to check the arrival of Chinese New Year every year. It is the lunar, not the solar, calendar that affects our emotional shifts and changes. Your personal timing also has to be considered. You have to be aware of when your energy has shifted and when the time is right for you.

The good news is that you have at least 3 more weeks. If you use this time as a gestation period as you engage in self-inquiry you can figure out which dreams are the best for you and the best time to begin. As you practice stillness, non-action, mediation, and self–inquiry, your base of knowledge deepens and widens. The goddess tradition provides insights as to how we can align to our true rhythms. It refers to this process as “being behind the veil.” The “veil” is part of the great mystery we are unaware of, and yet is calling to us. But when we are ready to listen to its voice, the answers are revealed.

Yes, this can seem like a lot of effort, but consider this question: How has what you have done in the past worked for you? If we simply repeat old patterns (that didn’t work), they are most likely not to work again. If we do something different, then we will make new roads and go where we have never gone before.

Let this New Year start off nice and easy between now and the Chinese New Year, February 8, 2016, and spend the next 3 weeks going behind the veil. The “veil” is that place within you that holds the answers of what would be right for you. Knowing of what is right for you and for what timing is right, as well. In the meanwhile here are some suggestions to keep you active and prepared for the energy shifts of 2016.

Energy and Soul Tips for your Home/Office

As you wrap up last year, and put away the Holiday decorations, it is an opportunity to re-fresh your style and set a new intention for 2016. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Clean and clear your space, even a drawer or one closet goes a long way.  Suggestions:
    • Fix broken things or toss them away. You can also let go of things that you no longer want by taking a giveaway box to your local charity or to someone you know. Remember to ask first. 
  2. Clear the energy of your home or office with the following suggestions: Citrus oils or sprays; Smudging with sage; Incense of lemongrass
  3. Re-set the new energy by selecting a picture, accessory or color that gives off the new vibe of the year, in the foyer of your home or office. Suggestions:
    • Pick a word that describes the feeling or energy of the year that you would like to call in.

If your home is looking a bit drab after the holidays, my newest book: “Emily’s Room- Creating Spaces that Unlock Your Potential,” can help you shift your home/office from drab to fab!

It is a simple, fun read for all ages and offers a new way for you to see your spaces. The “Lights On” approach connects to your imagination and highlights that it is not how a room looks, but how it feels that counts! This is the perfect time for letting my friend, Emily, guide you in creating the right energetic spaces for making your new heart’s desires for 2016 come to fruition.

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