New Energy Tips for Chinese New Year

Every year we go through a major shift of energy recognized in the west on New Year’s Day, and in the east on Chinese New Year (this year it falls on February 8, 2016). Both of these celebrate the New Year and offer an opportunity to start anew.

Chinese New Year which always falls on the first lunar new moon of the year is similar to our New Years, with a subtle difference: the first one is based on a solar calendar while the latter is based on a lunar calendar. The first lunar new moon marks the beginning of Chinese New Year.

The lunar calendar system is, in my view, better aligned to mother earth’s seasonal rhythms. There is something more natural and instinctual when we align to Mother Earth’s cycles. It is a more cosmic, universal, and connected way of living our lives. While the seasons are similar to one another from year to year, a new energy each lunar New Year flavors our year according to the Chinese system. A new energy is born in the earth’s energy grid on this day and it is very distinct from year to year. What energy is coming in this year? The 2016 energy according to the Chinese New Year system is the Fire Monkey Year.

Here are some highlights of what energy the Fire Monkey brings into the universal energy grid:

  • Monkeys are playful, they like change and finding new ways to do things. You may find that this energy gives you a new found determination and desire to get things done this year.
  • A monkey year can add a lot of sparkle and magic to your life but do not expect things to go normally. Keep your instincts sharp as the energy of the Monkey can lead you down the road to people, places and things that are not always looking out for your best interests. But, with increased awareness, clear intention and a bit of letting go of the play book, you can rewrite your own life’s script and jump easily into new ventures, increased passion, more creativity and joy than you had last year.
  • Fun, interesting and action oriented are key words for this year.

Energy and Soul Tips for the Fire Monkey year 2016

  1. Take action this year. Momentum allows you to swing from one branch to another, so to get your momentum going each and every day by decluttering. Find 27 things that need to be thrown or given away and start flinging.
  2. Fire energy can bring a lot of activity and changes. If you are someone who loves that, you will be very happy, but if you are not, then allow yourself to be replenished more often than normally. Make your home, car or office into a Zen-like environment so you can regroup from all the activities.
  3. Start the Chinese New Year off right by clearing your doorway starting from the sidewalk all the way into the foyer: clear, clean and fix any broken things. Make sure the doorbell works, and the lights fixture has the right wattage to brighten the energy. Add a new welcome mat or rug and even repaint if the walls are in need of a bit of refresh. I like to add the items like a picture or statues that that conveys the feeling or mood of my goals for the New Year. I want to finish writing a book, so I will place some books on the foyer table as a subtle but constant reminder of my direction for the year.
  4. The one room that is most important to re-do and refresh, in addition to the foyer, is the living room. This is the perfect year to make that room the best that it can be. You may want to buy a few new pieces so budget for that or you may just need a total rearranging of what you already own.

Rearrangement of what you own is a favorite way I work with my clients. Here is an example of a few makeovers that I did for my previous clients. If you are interested in a Re-do see our “One Day Interior Makeovers Program“.