My Lavender Dreams

I can’t explain it-but even the idea of acres of lavender fields, makes me happy. Round large green plants loaded with stems of purple flowers. All placed neatly in rows. I love those rows of lavender – majestic and royal with its lavender scent. It’s a sensory overload that instantly releases a bio-chemical reaction in my entire being. I feel it in my shoulders as they drop away from my ears and as a smile emerges with an instant feeling that life is sweet

Maybe it is that lavender fields combine so many things that I love. One of my favorite color combinations is purple and green. I also love simple floral arrangements as they allow my eyes to rest. Seeing just one type of plant duplicated makes me very happy. I love the scent of lavender; it invokes the memory of my Grandmother – who also loved the scent.

Lavender also takes me to a favorite daydream of mine where I live on a quaint farm, in a hundred year-old stone cottage overlooking a large body of water. I awake each day to lavender fields and gracious living, hosting my friends and family to outdoor meals with white crisp tablecloths, candles in emptied wine bottles. Homemade lavender corn bread washed down by lavender tea and great local wine. Everyone is laughing and telling stories into the night and then going to bed feeling loved, appreciated, fulfilled.

Wow, all of that from a whiff of lavender oil in a dark blue 1 oz. small bottle for only $9.00 dollars. While I may not choose to actually leave my city home to pursue my day dream fantasy, I can incorporate some of that into my daily life. Along with the oils, body scrubs, and even dog shampoo – I left with I left with a renewed sense of awe and wonder and keeping my lavender farm daydreams alive.

Shortly after arriving home, I began to incorporate a bit of that daydream into my life by planting two more varieties of lavender in my culinary herb garden and making lavender tea. I have also put a list together to find a crisp white tablecloth, an old wine bottle that I can easily turn into a candle holder and penciled into my calendar a time to invite my friends and family for dinner later in the week.

As I incorporate these bits and pieces of my daydream into my life, I am feeling lighter and brighter. That is the power of daydreams; when you bring them into your life. They strengthen your commitment to live your best life and create a richly soulful life and home.

3 daydreaming suggestions:

  1. Do not dismiss fleeting images of daydreams; instead, promote and encourage your imagination to have free reign for periods of time. Take time out during the early morning noon hour or in the evening to sit and reflect. My favorite time is around 5:00 in the afternoon to sit outside on my patio, have a glass of wine or lavender green tea and allow myself to unwind, listen to the wind giving thanks to another perfect day.
  2. Take time to listen to what makes your soul sing and light up. Take notice when you get an intuitive hit of the things that peaks your curiosity or invokes a memory of a special time or place – even if it doesn’t make sense – listen and gather those bits and pieces and string them together as a theme emerges.
  3. Make a list of how you can incorporate some of the sights, smells, colors and themes of your daydreams. And then follow through and make that happen. It only takes a few small shifts within your environment to weave magic into your day.

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