Mother’s Day- Honoring the Divine Mother

The Divine Mother Feminine energy was so electric in the room where my mentoring group had gathered that you could feel it bouncing off the walls. Women from all over the world met to roll up their sleeves and start creating the life they dream. What I have noticed that in a group of like- minded women who get together for a particular purpose, you can often feel the rush of the Divine Mother Feminine energy.

What is this energy? The energy of the Divine Mother Feminine is a unique and natural experience that women bring to the world also from the feminine side of the male as well. Unique in that the feminine energy is interested in nourishing what sustains life and natural in that we are born automatically plugged into being connected to others. Women, or the feminine side of a male, hold a genuine and authentic capacity of empathy for one another’s challenges and to encourage and nurture each others hidden potential. This was demonstrated over and over again with the meeting of total strangers, freely soliciting encouragement and helpful strategies to make my dreams happen.

It is what the feminine energy does so well. It sustains and fills our empty buckets with the kind of juice and zest we need to carry on and carry out our desires. Everything that is life affirming and sustaining is the Divine Mother Feminine Energy. This source is the true value of a women’s greatest work during her life. How do you connect to this energy? It is always there, but the noise from the world drowns it out. So it is in the gift of being silent that you hear her quiet voice. Another way of tapping into this energy is being in the company of other women of like-minds meeting for a higher purpose. The gifts of gathering together for a higher purpose creates can create the flow the wisdom the Feminine Energy holds for you.

How can you begin to implement the divine energy of the feminine in your life and home?

  • Call in the divine feminine energy into your lives by asking the miracle, the magic, and the mystery to be a part of your daily life, at work or at home. Here is a powerful affirmation: “I invite the mystery, magic and miracle that I am seeking now in my life.”
  • Remove isolation. Sure it is okay to allow yourself time to work through a sticky point, but after 3 days, reach out and get help. Asking for help is the way the divine feminine can come through your friend or mentor and give you just the boost what you need to get back on track.
  • Create a Sacred Feminine Space in your home by finding an area in which you want to develop a daily practice of prayer, intention or meditation. A place that is powerful for you in some way, making sure you has an open line of sight in which you enjoy what you see up ahead of you. A view of outdoors is preferable, if not place an outdoor picture where you can connect with nature. This space is sacred for you and will be a place in which your soul can feel comfortable showing up for you here.

Items that are needed:

  • A comfortable place to sit – a meditation cushion or comfortable chair.
  • A line of sight with a view or picture of nature that you can easily see.
  • A candle (a battery operated one is a great option).
  • Fresh flowers and some favorite items that mean something to you.
  • A crystal and a statue.
  • Clean and unclutter this area and place an intention into the space with the following prayer/meditation/visualization to build its power of your intention.

Now, that your space is prepared, you can add the healing forces of the divine feminine by placing a symbol of a Mother Goddess, female heroine, or a special woman in your life (alive or passed).

This can be a picture, a drawing, a statue, or anything else that represents to you this divine energy. The divine feminine energy will bring the subtle, yet powerful energy of healing, receptivity, and trans-formative energies that allow us to overcome obstacles and create the world we would like to see.

Spend some quiet time each day in this space as a way to allow yourself to connect with your hearts desires and wisdom. This will assure that the divine feminine energy will be a source of wisdom for you.

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