Let Go and Flow – Today’s Feng Shui for Your Daily Life!

Even though my intention is to live a harmonious and soul-led life, I still find myself resisting. It may be an important call that I know I need to make or an unfamiliar networking event scheduled on my calendar or, recently, it is about finishing up a book I am writing. I find that resistance always appears when I feel the need or pressure to do something rather than when I am inspired to do it.

I know that I am not alone. Sue Rasmussen, author of “My Desk is Driving Me Crazy, End Overwhelm, Do Less, and Accomplish More,” shares that people often think that we can simply work harder: like working on our weekends to catch up, might just do the trick. These strategies can drain us, instead of lifting us up. My to-do list every morning seems like a good one, but sometimes in the moment, not so much. Besides, the house needs a good cleaning, maybe that should be done first. And so the habit of putting things off starts, followed by the inner critic voice who just trying to keep us on track. Does this seem familiar to you? My mean critic shows up with a whip demanding me to just get it done. While this strategy worked in the past it doesn’t seem to work any longer, as I am aware that how I do things is as important as doing them. And, because pushing or forcing through the resistance doesn’t feel good and it isn’t congruent to my desire to live by being inspired and being passionate. This is where I often get stuck, in the shift in transitioning between an old and new way of being and doing.

Wayne Dyer, author and speaker, talked about this shift from ego to heart in his book, “The Shift.” He said that it is the voice of the ego (the old manager) and its job was to do whatever it takes to get it done. He also reminded us that EGO is an acronym for “edging God out.” It doesn’t know how to flow with the universal flow of grace and ease. That type of flow emerges from observing our present moment through our inner witness and is called grace. In the Erchard Tolle book, “The New Earth” he refers to this shift as well reminding us to use these opportunities as an entry point to move into a new way of being instead of doing. Anything you resist is a great place to start inviting a new world strategy into your lifestyle. When you shine the light of awareness directly on it you are in the moment and that is when everything shifts. He states that by bringing in the tool of alertness, the aliveness underneath the present moment is always there waiting and life energy begins to flow into more grace and ease.  When you are in the flow the resistance dissolves.

Setting up new habits to getting things done in a new way can ease you into a flow. These include both the internal and external environment.

Here are 5 new habits that help let go and still get things done:

  1. Pencil into your calendar times for planning. The end of the month is good time to pre-plan your next month, but start with celebrating all the wins, both small and large ones, that you experienced during the last month. All efforts, whatever the results, count. Ask yourself; “What did I learn about myself this last month and how can this new understanding help me to go forward in the next month?
  2. Starting is always the hardest step in any project. Start by asking what 3 small steps are you willing to do today to get started or to continue this project? Then, align with your own integrity and do those 3 steps. If you want to do more after that, fantastic, go for it. But, if you only do those 3 small steps you are activating the power of momentum.
  3. Deepen your level of commitment with your projects. Ask yourself; what level of commitment do I have with this project and rate it from 1 to 10. Be honest with yourself. If the number is less than a 5, is it a project that you really want to do? And if not, let it go for now and if it is a 6, 7 or 8 ask yourself if you can deepen the level of commitment today? Simply by asking this question you can strengthen your decision to go forward in a deeper way.
  4. Feng Shui your Space: Spend 15 minutes at the end of your worktime and clear off your desk. Create a physical environment that reflects who you are and what you are doing. Bring in the colors and items including wearing the clothes you most love to wear even if you work at home alone. This will inspire you and bring in your muses.
  5. Take time each week and during each day for renewal. This may be only working for 60 to 90 minutes and then time for a walk, or getting a drink of water to restore your body and spirit

Expect joy and grace to become the new transportation in dissolving resistance into curiosity, joy and ease.


I am alert, energized, awaken, joyful and enthusiastic!

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