Less is More…6 De-Cluttering Hacks for Fall

September is here and fall is just around the corner.

Autumn is the time of the year for hitting the reset button & re-prioritizing. Autumn’s energy is also about releasing and there is no better way to engage in releasing than in de-cluttering.

I have personally spent the last 3 weeks de-cluttering. The result is a greater sense spaciousness and freedom. I am feeling lighter and brighter every day.

Less is More...6 De-Cluttering Hacks for Fall

  1. Begin your day by opening your doors and windows for 5 minutes first thing in the morning. This will clear the stagnant air and give you a boost of fresh energy for your day.
  2. Raise the energy level by adding the bright colors of fall foliage inside your home. Try yellow, red or orange mums or sunflowers as they continue to bring sunshine into your home. Adding fall colors like yellow, red and orange hues into your rooms help to keep your spirits up as you release old stuff.
  3. Goodbye and release your fabulous summer by emptying your gallery pictures from your cell phone either delete or store them on your main computer.
  4. Throw out or donate any magazines, articles or collected papers that you have gathered over the last season.
  5. Start with small things, like a clean sink, or a daily sweep of the entry area.
  6. Keep Going! Set a timer to de-clutter for 15 mins per day. You will be amazed at how small efforts can yield big results.

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