Holiday Tips for Winter Solstice and Special Holiday Offer

Shorter days and colder nights signal the time is near for Winter Solstice. This occurs on December 21, 2016. It is the end of a 6 month journey that Mother Earth takes announcing the arrival of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a day that marks the return of the sun and of the longer days we experience in the summer solstice that occurs in June.

During this time of the year the earth’s tilt is leaning farthest away from the sun in the Northern hemisphere therefore, the light is the shortest at this time of the year and the sun has its lowest arc in the sky. Even today, not unlike our ancestors we celebrate this change in various ways. Solstice celebrations and all the other special holiday times around the solstice time are universal and important to our hear and soul as it connects us with the rhythm of our lives. The winter solstice brings an end to this year. It is a time of renewal, review and birthing new possibilities for a new year.

Aligning to this natural rhythm of the wintertime with its long dark nights, like our ancient ancestors we connect with the mystery of all that is yet to be created in the next year. That is why creating a holiday and festive environment for resting, renewal and family time is so vital for this time. Below, are a few ways to make your home special during the various celebrations.

Winter Tips for Home and Heart

  • Add warm colors in accents and accessories throughout the home. Red is my favorite but you can also add yellow, orange even a warm green like teal, or fuchsia that contain warm undertones.
  • Add layers; think of the layers of clothes we add to our bodies at this time of the year and do the same with our homes for example, an extra rug to a room, an extra throw or multiple pillows on a sofa.
  • Switch out your artwork to scenes of homes that are warmly lit up with candles and lights or full of sunlight.
  • Clean your stove and fireplaces to pump up the element of fire.
  • Use your teapot and keep a boiling pot of water on for hot tea and coffee in a moments notice.
  • Bring in aromatherapy in scents of pine, cinnamon, frankincense and basil in candles or through cooking. Baking gingerbread cookies or any baking will awaken the senses and bring in holiday cheer.
  • Plug in night lights in every room throughout the house as they add gentle continual warmth during the dark nights. I have been loving the Himalayan salt lamps I love the soft pink glow.
  • Group a bunch of candles, on a tray in various rooms in your home. (You can use the battery operated ones as well.
  • Stack a pile of books near a comfortable chair that you can take a break throughout the day and read.
  • Make a fire or turn on the gas in your fireplace and bake those special family recipes for a warm, cozy night.