Harmony Twists for April Decluttering

Through no fault of our own, or anyone else’s, the world often falls short of teaching us how we can live in harmony. As a result, most of us are like twisted trees in which the winds of incorrect thinking have left us twisted instead of tall, proud and straight. Out of alignment, we can easily get overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated. While most of us try to course-correct, it is not possible to do so without inviting the universe in to help us. The fact is that most of us, left to our own choices, we often self-correct in the wrong direction!! Why, because we have not correctly answered this one question presented by Albert Einstein, who said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” By answering that we live in a friendly universe, it is possible to untwist more quickly – given we are willing to show up and do the work. It is possible to not allow the fear to overwhelm us.

One of the Harmony Twists I developed is to help teach my clients, as they learn to untwist from an incorrect choice that universe is hostile to that it is friendly. As they begin to untwist, they find that they can align to the same intelligence that governs all the powers of the universe. This gives them significant upgrades in energy, insights and daily contentment, rather than experiencing the fear and stress of Covid-19 pandemic. It is the very act of starting with small ways every day in the right ways that establish new habits that liberate us rather than drag us down in panic. Consider taking action and going from some new perspectives to change your thoughts from, “I have to do this” to “I get to do this.” It will change everything. When you know that the universe is assisting you in every way in everything you do every day, you easily untwist from false thinking to true thinking. When you think and take action that demonstrates that you live in a friendly universe you tap into unlimited help in all the other areas of your life.

When we are willing to untwist from old patterns (for example, shifting your mindset around daily chores from: “I have to do this” to “I get to do this.”) can bring us into correct alignment. Wayne Dryer often claimed, “Change your thoughts, and change your life,” and it is so true.

A single mindset shift will bring significant upgrades in energy, insights and daily contentment that blesses your life.

Let’s start with the often first step in Feng Shui which is clearing, and de-cluttering in order to get stuck energy moving.

It begins with your mindset:

An affirmation that will help you kick-start in the morning though can be used anytime throughout the day:

“I am supported by the universal self-organizing power of growth, harmony and love.”

Now, Take Action Steps:

Clutter defined as anything that you don’t love or use which causes energy to get stuck. Clutter, often creates feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed and lead to depression. If you want more energy, inspiration and motivation then a little bit of de-cluttering is the first important step to finding your freedom and joy.

Be aware that in releasing the stuck energy you will feel the emotion that was associated with it. So, be gentle with yourself as this will release the old and bring new possibilities for the new.

When emotions come up as they often do, say the following: “This (emotion) is welcomed here.”

Treat it like a beloved child, loving it with kindness and awareness. The light of awareness is often enough to dissipate its grip on you. Keep track of the emotions that come up.

Daily De-clutter habits to try. Purge and clean something at the start of the day. I would suggest you start with flinging 27 things away each and every day. I suggest you go to your office or desk area for this exercise. You don’t have to look far to find things to fling every morning in your office. Simply open your drawers look on your shelves, or even your purse or bags. Don’t deliberate, analyze or hesitate, just start flinging. By flinging, you release old stagnant energy. This allows for new space and momentum bringing in the new energy. Moving a few objects along only takes a small amount of effort, yet that small step forward can yield big results. It gives you momentum and helps you to land right smack in the flow of your day. The simple rule is that by moving energy, the stuck energy is released.

Next is to clear something.

Pick something that has a horizontal surface like a desk or a table. Spend 10 minutes on clearing it in the morning and at night when you finish.

Start in the front then try to zigzag your way from one side to the other and before you know it you are finished.

Be sure to stand back when done and truly soak in the ambiance of your work. Take a before and after picture , as it will be easy to remind yourself of how good it feels to get the energy moving energetically as well as blessing your space with clarity of a clean environment.

``Unclutter your life. Unclutter your home. We feel best when everything and everyone around us is in harmony and in balance. The peace and the beauty of your home will raise you up, and give energy to your goals.``

― Eileen Anglin