Harmony Tips for the Year of the Earth Pig 2019

Chinese New Year which always falls on the first lunar new moon of the year is similar to our calendar New Year with a subtle difference…the one is based on a solar calendar while the latter is based on a lunar calendar. The first lunar new moon marks the beginning of Chinese New Year, February 5th, 2019.

The lunar calendar system is, in my view, better aligned to mother earth’s seasonal rhythms. There is something natural and instinctual when we align to Mother Earth’s cycles. It is a more cosmic, universal, and connected way of living our lives. While the seasons are similar to one another from year to year, a new energy each lunar New Year flavors our year according to the Chinese system. A new energy is born in the earth’s energy grid on this day and it is very distinct from year to year. What energy is coming in this year? The 2019 energy according to the Chinese New Year system is the Earth Pig Year.

Here are some highlights of what energy the Earth Pig brings into the universal energy grid.

Because this year is the end of a 12 year cycle, it is time for that well-deserved break from all the work you have done in the previous twelve years and to take the time out to review the last several years. Next year starts a new cycle so you will want to be renewed and ready to go. Allow yourself to take time to relax, to start something that benefits your personal life like losing. Generously spend time with your closest friends and family and let go of toxic relationship as this will renew the best of your relationships, your support system.

Words that describe the energy of the Earth Pig Year:


Here are 3 Energy and Soul tips for the Year of the Earth Pig 2019:

1. Prepare Your Home

Start the Chinese New Year off right by clearing your doorway starting from the sidewalk all the way into the foyer: clear, clean and fix any broken things. Make sure the doorbell works, and the lights fixture has the right wattage to brighten the energy. Add a new welcome mat or rug and even repaint if the walls are in need of a bit of refresh. I like to add the items like a picture or statues that that conveys the feeling or mood of my goals are for the New Year. I want to finish writing a book, so I will place some books on the foyer table as a subtle but constant reminder of my goals for the year.

2. Prepare Yourself

Welcome the new you in 2019 with a fresh new haircut and a few clothes shoes or a new purse. It is good to get into the new swing of this Pig energy of celebration by trusting in your capacity for bringing in all that is good for you this year, including money and love. Even one special item shows the universe that you are willing to be in trust of receiving abundance. Be generous with yourself and others within your means of course. There are a lot of ways to be generous that doesn’t take money like spending time with your friends and family on walks or visiting over the phone.

3. Pamper Yourself

Take a special bath time for the Chinese New Year. Super charging your bath water by adding, some baking soda, Epsom salts and a few drops of your favorite essential oil will help you cleanse the past year’s tension and impart blessings for a bright new year of joy for body, mind and spirit.