Harmony for your Home

As you put away the holiday decorations, it is an opportunity to unblock some energy by de-cluttering Here is a de-clutter tip for clearing a bookcase or shelf.  De- clutter a bookcase or shelves.

This is a great tip that appears to be so easy and full of common sense but the truth is when we are overwhelmed simplicity and grace is overlooked Starting with the first book on the left hand side of the top shelf, select a book and then choose to put it into one of your assigned boxes, one a giveaway another throw-away (damaged books,) decide later box or the re-locate box As you work left to right along the shelf, a book at a time, you can dust and clean the shelf and put back any books you have decided to keep. Continue to use this method until your allotted time is up or until you are at the bottom shelf on the right side I would suggest that you make it a point to finish a complete shelf as the good feeling of success happens when you complete something Remember to take a before and after picture so that you can log your progress and celebrate your success At the end of each session celebrate by standing back and taking in the beauty and feeling of being organized that you’re created.


Also, remember in Feng Shui that space is hidden potential so as you de-clutter and clean make sure that you provide some space in the bookcase itself You can use book ends to achieve this or by creating a book end feeling by lying some of books stacked on one another horizontally An additional way to create some eye rest in a book case, place a picture or some type of an item like a statue on every other shelf This can be on the books that you layer hormonally if you choose These items will provide even more space around the books and add some visual interest, giving your eye a rest There is a Sanskrit quote that says, “Where the eye goes so does the mind.” Leaving some space around your books you are allowing your mind to rest That is the ease; we are so in need of A bonus tip is to make sure that your books are hanging forward at the front of the bookcase shelf instead of towards the back This brings attention to the titles of the books and avoids the empty space in front of the books that is way too easy to fill up with other kinds of clutter.