Harmony Holiday Tips

fireplace-tea-booksHoliday season is often busy but winter is the time for rest and renewal. Remember to give yourself the gift of restoration during these holidays and you will have more to give others. My favorite gift to myself is creating a mini environment to connect with my soul called a dream lodge. What is a dream lodge? It is a special place that you can let go of the external world and either sit, lie down to mediate, contemplate, rest or journey in. Its main purpose is to relax completely and give you a space, place and time to renew, restore. This space should feel extra comfortable, safe, warm and relaxing. Preferable, this is where you can be alone and uninterrupted.

Here is how I created a dream lodge to connect with my soul’s dream. I took a netting canopy and hung it from my ceiling fan. I brought into that space my special crystals, rocks and personal and meaningful items. I also placed cushion to sit on and a few battery operated candles. Early in the morning before my daughter awakes I crawl into this sacred space my dream lodge and meditate for 10 to 20 minutes. I emerge refreshed and ready for the day. I feel good going into that space, it relaxes me, it makes me feel safe and behind the veil of the mystery. It has produced some of my deepest mediation experiences that I have ever had.

Here are some additional ideas to create a dream lodge that works for you. It doesn’t have to be my version of a dream lodge. For you, it may be a favorite chair by the fireplace, with your special items and a stack of books or a journal next to it. Let this be the place that you review and acknowledge yourself for a job well done in 2014. It can also help to rejuvenate yourself as you recommit yourself to your new dreams for 2015. It will be your best gift that you give yourself.

Here are some Holiday Feng Shui decorating tips to make your home cozy and warm during these cold winter days.

  • Add warm colors in accents and accessories throughout the home. Red is my favorite but you can also add yellow, orange even teal, or fuchsia as they have warm undertones.
  • Add layers; think of the layers of clothes we add to our bodies at this time of the year and do the same with our homes, for example, an extra rug on the floor, another throw over a favorite chair or multiple pillows on your sofa.
  • Switch out your artwork to artwork that contains images of candles, lights or sunlight.
  • Clean your stove and fireplaces to pump up the element of fire.
  • Keep your teapot filled along with a fresh supply of teas on the countertop ready to go.
  • Bring in aromatherapy in scents of pine, cinnamon, frankincense and basil in candles or through cooking.
  • Plug in night lights in every room throughout the house to add a gentle continual feeling of warmth during the dark nights.
  • Make a grouping of various sizes and types of candles on trays and place them in the main areas of your home. (You can use the battery operated ones as well.)
  • Stack a pile of books near a comfortable chair that you can take a break throughout the day and read.
  • Make a fire or turn on the gas in your fireplace and bake some cookies for a warm, cozy night.

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