The Garden is a space, in which time slows down

Spring is a time for planting. I am enjoying preparing my small garden space, knowing that what I sow today will come into fruition at the end of the growing season. That is the same for our dreams and intentions. Take some time to remember your heart’s desire of what wants to bloom this year. Then, plant those seeds by establishing the daily habits that nourish and nurture them. It won’t be long before you will see them growing.

Here are a few tips from Feng Shui about the garden. If you don’t have your own garden there are still plenty of botanical gardens to visit. Consider finding one when traveling this summer. A favorite of mine is in Spokane, Washington, the Japanese Gardens at Manito Park on the South Hill. Here is a link to the Peaceful Japanese Gardens in Spokane video on YouTube:

The Garden is a space, in which time slows down; A place where one naturally moves inward into contemplation and reflection moving yet deeper into gratitude and communion with things greater than oneself.

To begin to incorporate a Feng Shui approach to your outdoor spaces consider the following ideas:
Have all paths follow the lines of a gentle curve. This encourages us to slow down.

Encourage yourself, and others, to spend more time in the garden by placing a hammock, benches or chairs. A solo chair, called a spirit chair, is placed in a very intuitive place as reminder to invite visitors of a celestial nature.

Benches/chairs are the greeters for both visible and invisible visitors. A spirit chair is an invitation for the invisible forces, departed or separated loved ones even angels to come into the space.

You can heighten your senses by adding sights and sounds. Planting bamboo or other ornamental grasses, as well as adding chimes, whirligigs or anything that moves will make sounds. Let other critters call your garden home. Other life forms like butterflies, dragonflies, fish or birds, bring good luck and provide the missing link in the connection of the human, plant and animal worlds. Whatever the size and type of garden you have, bringing a soulful feeling to it can infuse new life into those spaces and provide a deeper richer experience.