Find and activate your Home’s Heart

Photo by Adelle & Justin (

Photo by Adelle & Justin (

Your home is an extension of your body as it is the home for your body. Your house is not just bricks, mortar and wood but alive with the chi or energy of these materials. It is the larger body that provides a sanctuary for your inner and outer life.

You activate your body’s heart whenever you say” yes” to what you are feeling and sensing. This leads to new information, greater vitality and energy that raise the vibration of your daily life. There is higher wisdom accessed when you take time to tune in and check in with it

Listening to your heart and intuition is like what, author and teacher, Jean Houston says, “You begin to cook on more than one burner”. And, just like the body’s vital organ, the heart creates a strong beat and rhythm that establishes harmony, this is what happens when you find and activate the heart of your home.

Where is the heart of your home? Wherever you find this space it is a place that naturally you, your family and quests gravitate towards. The heart space of your home is where you feel comfortable, safe and at ease. In Feng Shui, it is the center of the house that is often aligned as the heart of the home. But, it may be in a different space within your home. Traditionally, all the way back to ancient time, the family gathered around the fire. So for many of you, it may be the kitchen area.

To locate the heart of your home, ask these questions.

  • Where do we gather as a family as well as when quests come to visit?
  • Where is the natural hang out area?
  • Or simply, ask your home, where is your heart space?
  • Allow your intuition to help you in receiving the answer.

When you find your homes’ heart space then make sure it is as light, airy, clean and clutter free as possible. You activate your homes heart in the same way you do your own, by saying yes to it. When your homes’ heart is open, demonstrated by a free, uninterrupted flow of energy, with an abundance of fresh air, beauty and a feeling of warmth, it radiates a clear path of chi or energy throughout the rest of the entire home.