Enhance your Thanksgiving celebration

CandleThanksgiving is a unique American tradition that was officially set as a national day of celebration in the month of November by Abraham Lincoln in 1863. It is an event in which we celebrate the pilgrim’s safe arrival to the new World.

While the celebration continues with some of the original theme of giving thanks, face it (for most of us) Thanksgiving is the start of the flurry of the holiday season. It is time filled with extra duties, and endless errands and a never ending list of things that must be done. We are often stressed and exhausted as a result. Often, there is very little harmony during this time of the year.

How you can boost your personal energy and raise your vibration during Thanksgiving

Make a new declaration that this Thanksgiving is going to be different-instead of an endless to do list. Let it this season be a time of renewal, restoration, magic and miracles. Start by setting your intention to bring in the higher qualities and the true meaning of Thanksgiving into both your heart and home. Make a list of what would make you happy. Ask your partner and children to make their own lists, and then share your answers.

Harmony starts with you, so make yourself a priority. Find a way to keep yourself committed to those higher values. Getting exhausted, over extended or depleted of your energy does not serve you or others. Make sure that you take good care of yourself, with plenty of sleep and water, before you take care of other’s needs, expectations and requests. A full cup freely and effortlessly gives.

Here are a few ways bring greater harmony into your Thanksgiving Celebration within your home:

  • Make sure your pathway to your home is clear and clean.
  • Place a cheerful wreath or something decorative near the front door.
  • Use white or off-white dishes to show off your food, add color with assortment of green, red and orange vegetables/fruits.
  • Add fragrance-free votive candles around the table to create a sense of warmth and joy.
  • Add fresh flowers with pumpkins, apples and gourds and fruit to lift the energy at the table.
  • Make the centerpieces low to encourage conversation.
  • Add a mirror on the wall next to your dining table to multiply your feast and your abundance.
  • Create a signature dish and share the recipe on a 3 by 5 card and hand out as a gift.