Energy Breakthrough around Change

Here in the North Hemisphere, spring is in the air.  Though it is a month out, the winds of change can be felt.  While most of us are so ready for spring, change is always an adjustment.

 Everyone wants change. But nobody wants to do the work of change” – Andrew Cohen

Even good change like spring’s arrival, a new job, relationship, recovery from an illness, marriage, move, any shift from the status quo can make us feel afraid and bring us into chaos and resistance.   But, in the flow of chi (energy), change is a constant and those behaviors can block the energy needed for the good that is coming our way.

Do the work of change by shifting the inner and outer energy with these 3 strategies:

1) Check your fear at the door.  Place an empty basket or vase near the front door to empty your fears before entering the rest of your room.

2) Let go of resistance by taking long slow and deep breaths when you feel the tension of fear in the shoulder muscles.  Open your door and windows of your home and mind for a few minutes to let go of the old energy and bring in the new.

3) Turn chaos into the cue that signifies that good things are shifting and a transformation is on its way.

Treat change as a beloved guest coming to visit you bringing transformation your life.  Honor it like a beloved quest coming to visit your home by placing fresh flowers on the kitchen table, lighting a candle or using your room sprays to invite the new.

More to come about how to align to spring’s energy.