Energy Alert! Delays, Breakdowns and the Unexpected

The theme of the classic book, the “I Ching,” is change. Change is certain and as spring continues here in the Northern Hemisphere things are shifting for sure. One of the more subtle changes, but a very important one, is Mercury Retrograde. What is Mercury retrograde? It is an astrological event that is approximately 3 weeks long and happens 2 to 3 times a year, this time it is starting April 9 and goes until May 3, 2017. I would like to address first: what is it and secondly: how does it affect us, and lastly: how do we navigate its course for a positive outcome? In order to have harmony in our lives, it is best to align to the many changes. Here is more about the changes you may be experiencing during this spring’s mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is a time when you may find yourself not on the top of the compost heap basking in the glory of our lives, but living in the limelight fame or gathering a surplus of monetary and other gains.

The simple truth is sometimes we move through cycles of dark and light, joy and pain as we live in world of polarity. We are at times hanging nearer the bottom of the compost heap.

This position, while sometimes uncomfortable, is a precious, powerful and necessary place in the bigger cycle and rhythms of life. It is there where we break down what has been experienced into digestible parts and recycle old dreams into new ones. All this is done in the newly-formed, enriched nutrients of compassion, love and surrender. Through awareness and with a few tools, we can master these times more effectively.

Its affect can feel as though you are on a roller coaster ride where a series of events derails from moving forward, through miscommunications, delays, breakdowns and the unexpected. For me it is like clockwork that I start receiving calls from clients, friends and relatives relating the stories of delays, breakdowns and cancellations. Because I am aware of Mercury retrograde I assure them that this is something is happening on the bigger screen of life, nothing personal and that within a few weeks’ things will come back to a new balance and go forward with greater ease again.

It is a time in which it appears that things simply revert, reverse and respond to something other than our normal expectations.

Mercury retrograde is a reminder that we live in a 3rd dimensional world, in which we experience an array of different circumstances that are set in a universal pattern in which there are rhythms and cycles.

Lastly, these 3 weeks of mercury retrograde is catch-up time. A time for reviewing, cleaning, and organization; it is a life-slowing down, a time to rest a bit and prepare for something that is sure to get moving in the fast lane again.
So, take care of what needs and calls your attention, go with the unexpected to find the miracles that take place when you let go the wheel and let something behind the scenes, take form in its way.

Suggestions to help you during these times:

#1. The universe is impersonal.

While that sounds unfriendly it is actually very comforting that things happen and nobody is out to get you, it is natural that there are rhythms in the normal course of things in which derailment, miscommunication, and shifts happen.

#2. Make lemonade from the lemons.

While we may think we are being delayed by a flat tire can actually be the catalyst that prevented us from being in that wreck that just happened up the road a mile ahead. Or perhaps a wrong turn leads you to meeting just the right person when you asked for directions. The universe has a way to get to the right place in the right time when you can allow your lemons to turn into lemonade.

#3 Go with the flow not against it.

Teddy Roosevelt said in his famous quote “Do what you can with what you have, where you are at!”

Harmony in your Home!

Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time to clear your personal space to prepare for new energy that happens after. Taking care of your personal items will help you to get on track emotionally, energetically, and physically so you can take the next leap forward.

Pick one or more of these areas: Closets, drawers, and jewelry boxes.

Clear out these personal areas, give away anything you don’t have a prayer to get back into, or haven’t used in the last 12 months. If you prefer to store them away in order to rotate later do so.

Make sure you fix or give away any broken items as they contribute to energy moving backwards instead of forward.

Enjoy the reward of creating space and having those personal items reflect more of who you are becoming.

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