Dial Back Your Spring Stress

Recently, I have started to take afternoon walks which I find stress releasing, but on returning to my yard, I find myself starting to freak-out when I see how much yardwork still needs to be done. As a result, my peaceful afternoon walks are no longer stress releasing, but stress producing.

Maybe, thinking out loud, I should be picking weeds instead of taking luxurious afternoon walks. I quickly catch myself noting that both are equally important! Yes, I tell my small self, the yard work needs to be tended to, but, it is the afternoon walks that are filling my soul.

So, instead of only doing the things that need to be done, I opt in for doing both. I will take my walk and then at the end of it, I will spend 20 mins weeding. It might take a bit longer this way, but within only a few days, I can get it all done in a fun and relaxing way.

This decision allows me to cultivate a life of harmony, which builds a deeper trust in universal truth. The truth that life is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable and “Yes, Little Self, everything still gets done”.

The bonus of creating a lifestyle with less stress is that I gain awareness as I begin to appreciative all the subtle notes of spring. I suddenly am more aware of the warm breeze against my skin, birds chirping their new spring songs all of which bring greater insights as I slow down and listen to my soul.

3 ways to Dial back your Spring Stress.

If you find yourself getting stressed out, adding too many things to your to -do list you may be in danger of losing what truly feeds your soul. A mind that leaps forward is not present for what is in front of it. It starts to push against things instead of leaning into them. Try these ideas instead:

  1. Slow it down-practice- in your next task deliberating slow down each movement slower and slower until you can feel energy of expansion and relaxation within the task. You will find the sweet spot of ease there.
  2. Change up your altar space-clean, DE clutter and add the current symbol(s) and energy. This may be in a picture, statue or a certain type of flower. You may want to change up where you place an altar within your home, replacing your winter spiritual space to its new home for spring and summer. If so, where would that be?
  3. Take short but more often walks, 10 or 20 minutes in the morning and before dinner. This helps you to notice the shifts in the walks and in nature. Even the difference of a few hours makes on the opening of the fresh new buds on trees and blooms in the gardens/yards can change greatly. Take in that chi (energy) and use it to enliven your own projects and creativity.