Decluttering 301

This is the last of our 3 month de-cluttering articles. I trust you found easy, powerful and inspiring ways to clear your home. Below, you will find ways to restart the clearing process when projects get derailed.

Decluttering Interrupted! Keep Going!!

The only constant thing in life is change. For various reasons, you may find that your declutter project comes to a standstill or at least a snail’s pace while something else in life calls for your attention. Recently, the holiday season started and I had several out of town guests show up. As a result, I was not able to continue the bigger decluttering projects that I had started. I found by having a flexible mind and attitude, which I had learned from the previous steps, that this was just fine with me. I also noticed that all the de-cluttering I had previously done made it that much easier to have guests arrive and for my house to be ready to greet them with open arms.

Decluttering is not a straight line, but a winding road on the journey of life discovery. Anything, including a shift between seasons or one’s priorities shifting in relation to each other, can feel like you are off track. This is a natural transition between what is next and what is no longer calling your attention. It is in no way an excuse or reason to not continue.

Wipe the slate clean and re-establish your priority list so that your journey is current and relevant to the changes that are happening.

To restart after an interruption wipe the slate clean and restart fresh with an open and loving heart and mind.

Affirm: Clearing my home is opening new possibilities in my life!!

Schedule your time and make de-cluttering a priority. Ever notice how that, if you don’t put it down on your list or calendar, life sucks up all your time. Remember that it was faster and/or more fun to accumulate the stuff than it is to let it go. You will need to make it a priority to make sure that the work can get done by scheduling it. A simple 10-20 minutes is all you need to get into it and see some results. If you have more time, schedule accordingly.

Assignment: Pick something that has a horizontal surface like a desk or a countertop in a kitchen. It may be your dresser or bathroom counter and then spend 10-15 minutes clearing it. Start in the front of one side then zigzag your way from one side to the other and before you know it you are finished.

Be sure to stand back when done and truly soak in the ambiance of your work. Re-booted and ready to go. Begin anew! Harmony NOW!

Looking for some individualized help in decluttering?

This program aim and emphasis is “how” to clear the clutter that will energetically clean up stuck energy.

Every step along with way you will feel lighter, brighter, and happier, as you begin to live on purpose. Each month we will look one of the three de-cluttering steps.

In this program you will:

  • Learn to identify and clear out your own clutter.
  • Free up stuck energy
  • Each person will determine their level of participation.

I'd love to hear from you (comment below)

What from the above tips worked for you?

What thoughts/feelings were raised up from these suggestions?

Was there value in any of the suggestions? Will you continue to use any of these? When and how often?

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