Decluttering 201

Decluttering 201 is about getting a plan in hand and developing your decluttering muscle. Do you have a space that looks like this?  What space in your home is calling you to pay attention?

This is my “before” picture of my storage room that I identified as having at least 80% clutter in it.

I’m going share how to develop a plan and how to approach taking on medium to larger projects.

Clutter Before

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

Declutter 201

A Plan in Hand

You are on a journey to find more freedom and space.  Let’s map out a plan of where to start,   Decluttering is not always a straight line journey, you will meander and that is okay.  You may find that your journey will have many twists and turns so it is very important to have a plan in hand that will help you to finish.

Step 1 – Let’s Begin

Draw out your floor plan:  After drawing out your floor plan you are going to draw circles in each of the areas that represent the amount of clutter contained within those areas.  For example, you look at your living room and make a guess that the room holds about 10% of clutter.   Clutter is again, too much stuff, anything unfinished, not organized, dusty, or not used or beautiful.    This is more about your perception than being accurate.  Then draw a circle the size that demonstrates the 10%.  Go from one room or area to another.  This may be the information you need to know where you would like to begin your de-cluttering projects.

Alternative selection idea:    Or, if you are still at a loss where to begin then simply pick one area and develop a plan around that part of the house. Be kind to yourself and re-choose if it is too challenging of an area as you are only getting started.

Step 2 – Gather the ingredients.

If you were a baker making a cake you would need flour, sugar, eggs and so on.  Similarly In order to de-clutter, like the baker you need to gather the ingredients for de-cluttering.

Here are the basic ones and you can add or subtract accordingly, just like a recipe.

Have at least 4 boxes, bins, or baskets (trash bags work as well)

Feeling creative? Feel free to re-name the boxes in a way that fits you.

  1. Throw away
  2. Recycle
  3. Home box (things that need to go to their proper places within the home)
  4. Don’t know what to do yet?

You may also want to have ones for Sell, return, repair gift, donations (you may want to have a box for each separate child if you are a parent that wants to give to their children)

Let the Decluttering Begin: Develop your Decluttering Muscle!!!

As you begin to develop your decluttering muscle, start with a smaller, manageable chunk on your plate.  Define an area that is could take your 20 minutes No pushing or exhausting yourself; ask frequently, “Am I at ease?”

Always finish with emptying your boxes to the best of your ability.  Take the trash out, put the items that stay, where they belong and continue with any other boxes that can be emptied.

Clutter After

So Rewarding!! This is my storage room “After” picture.

“Eliminate physical clutter. More importantly, eliminate spiritual clutter.”

D.H. Mondfleur

I'd love to hear from you (comment below)

What from the above tips worked for you?

What thoughts/feelings were raised up from these suggestions?

Was there value in any of the suggestions? Will you continue to use any of these? When and how often?

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