Decluttering 101

Let’s start with the question what is clutter? Clutter defined as anything that you don’t love or use causes energy (inner and outer) to get static or stuck. This can place you in overwhelm, stress and depression. If you want more energy, inspiration and motivation than a little bit of de-cluttering is the ultimate first and important step to finding freedom and joy. Be aware that in releasing the stuck energy you will feel the emotion that was associated with it. So, be gentle with yourself as this will release the old and bring new possibilities for the new.

When emotions come up and they will say the following:

“This (emotion) is welcomed here.”

Treat it like a beloved daughter, loving it with kindness and awareness. The light of awareness is often enough to dissipate its grip on you. Keep track of the emotions that come up and journal them or leave your comments.

Daily De-clutter habits to try.

Purge and clean something at the start of the day. . I would suggest you start with flinging 27 things away each and every day. I suggest you go to your office or desk area for this exercise. You don’t have to look far to find things to fling every morning in your office. . Simply open your drawers look on your shelves, or even your purse or bags.  Don’t deliberate, analyze or hesitate, just start flinging. By flinging you release old stagnant energy which allows for new space and momentum bringing in the new. Moving a few objects along only takes a small amount of effort yet that small step forward can yield big results. It gives you momentum and helps you to land right smack in the flow of your day. The simple rule is that by moving energy, the stuck energy is released.

Next step is to clear something.

Pick something that has a horizontal surface like a desk or a table. Spend 10 minutes on clearing it in the morning and at night when you finish. .
Start in the front then try to zigzag your way from one side to the other and before you know it you are finished.

Be sure to stand back when done and truly soak in the ambiance of your work. Take a before and after picture , and post them for us to see, as it will be easy to remind yourself of how good it feels to get the energy moving energetically as well as blessing your space with , cleaning and clearing. It will help to build the groups energy as well.

Lastly take some time to Journal.

Stay tuned in for the next article for ways to declutter the mind.

I'd love to hear from you (comment below)

What from the above tips worked for you?

What thoughts/feelings were raised up from these suggestions?

Was there value in any of the suggestions? Will you continue to use any of these? When and how often?

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