Creating a Home for Winters’ Holidays!

In mid to late- December around the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, many of us celebrate the holidays, it may be  Christmas, Hanukkah, the festival of lights or another type of celebration. In ancient times the Scandinavians celebrated the birth of the sun God Woden with evergreen trees gifts and feasting, ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia, the feast of Saturn, the god of seeds.  There is a similar feel of each of these celebrations for this time in the year found in bright colors, evergreens, and celebrations around light, which helps to balance the ever increasing darkness and coldness at this time of the year.

So, let ‘s find our most festive, colorful holiday attitude and make a splash as we join in the celebration of the year of 2019 ending.

Here are some Holiday Feng Shui and Winter Solstice decorating tips to make your home cozy and warm during these cold winter days.

  • Add warm colors in accents and accessories throughout the home. Red is my favorite but you can also add yellow, orange even teal, or fuchsia as they have warm undertones.
  • Add layers; think of the layers of clothes we add to our bodies at this time of the year and do the same with our homes, for example, an extra rug on the floor, another throw over a favorite chair or multiple pillows on your sofa.
  • Switch out your artwork to artwork that contains images of candles, lights or sunlight.
  • Clean your stove and fireplaces to pump up the element of fire.
  • Keep your teapot filled along with a fresh supply of teas on the countertop ready to go.
  • Bring in aromatherapy in scents of pine, cinnamon, frankincense and basil in candles or through cooking.
  • Plug in night lights in every room throughout the house to add a gentle continual feeling of warmth during the dark nights.
  • Make a grouping of various sizes and types of candles on trays and place them in the main areas of your home. (You can use the battery operated ones as well.)
  • Stack a pile of books near a comfortable chair that you can take a break throughout the day and read.
  • Make a fire or turn on the gas in your fireplace and bake some cookies for a warm, cozy night.