Create Thriving Eco-Systems in both the Inner and Outer Environment

Today’s Feng Shui is an evolution in how to create thriving eco-systems in both the inner and outer environment. It is part lifestyle shift and part creating spaces and places from internal cues, instinct and imagination, rather than following design trends and other people’s esthetics.

It’s mark over the past 20 years in the west revolutionized the design community. This design community is shifting into well–being and green design. These make an important shift away from how things look to how things feel and how we respond to the space around us. While we still have ways to go in mainstream design, the ideas that Feng Shui has brought to us continues to shift our status quo. It has been a huge part of my own revolution and evolution process, starting with only a whisper of an idea in which I found my passion to create healing and whole environments.

As a holistic interior designer and lifestyle coach, I have had the privilege of going into hundreds of homes over eighteen years to help create beautiful, functional environments. It was when I began to incorporate the system of Feng Shui within the designs, incorporate that basic tenet of energy (or ‘chi’ as it is called) that I began to see positive lifestyle changes in my client’s lives.

A house, after all, is not only a building, but it is alive! It is not only bricks, and stone and wood, it is alive with the materials used to build I It also holds the chi or energy of you and your family as you collaborate and breathe additional life within that space. It stands on the red envelope we call Earth. Our Mother Earth, also alive and coded with the creative story of the entire universe. Pachamama as it referred to in South America, is a breathing living full eco-system. Our buildings are our second skin that not only protects us from the harshness of Mother Earth’s weather patterns, but also serves to connect us with her by interacting with her life sustaining and healing ways.

Like Mother Earth, each of us is a process of great change and the degrees by which we do that successfully is whether we choose to take our own evolutionary next step and forward to tap into our potential, to move beyond surviving into thriving, and into our human potential blueprint. New requirements are needed in order to raise our vibration and to lift our energy to our highest self. We have to connect with our own nature and what it requires to live, and create our thriving eco-system that unlocks our potential.

Won’t you join me in this journey of self-evolution and revolution to re-image your life and to create within your homes and businesses a thriving eco-system that supports your true essence?

There are several ways that you can participate. The next 3-month program is starting in June. Schedule a 30 mind breakthrough to your potential free session and find out if this program is a match for you.

Another option is to attend a free lecture in Boise on June 20, 2015. Details are below.

June 20th FREE Lecture Feng Shui

Please let me know that you will be attending and you will receive a free gift. To sign up for any of the above, email me at [email protected] or call 208.672.1649.