Coming Home – The Return Journey

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There is a journey that we take where the transportation cannot be by land, air or by sea. This journey is about finding our place in the world; It begins and ends the same way for everyone. We leave our childhood home, explore the possibilities of new places and then somehow we return.

The answers to these questions are locked in the stories and myths of our lives Etched forever in our minds in the story of the wizard of Oz is the iconic symbol of the ruby red slippers. These red ruby slippers become Dorothy’s transportation of returning home. Her story is our story – yours and mine.

The why is universal, the moment you are born you are on a homeward-bound journey. Lulled into believing where you start is where you belong something in our first home always goes awry. Dorothy discovers this when her beloved dog is going to be taken away. Dorothy finds that she has to leave because, without her dog, it is no longer home.

While it may not be as dramatic as Dorothy’s call to run away from her home with Toto, we simply outgrow the walls of our first room. Each of us gets the itch to move on in a job, a marriage or for a time for college – we find ourselves like Dorothy whirled up in the winds of our own storm. Like, the tornado that took her away, we get deposited somewhere ‘over there’.

The second leg begins. Like us, we are all hard-wired to return home, so Dorothy finds herself immediately wanting to return to Kansas. Paraphrasing what Thomas Moore explains the book, Re-Enchantment of everyday living, it is not the place of our childhood we are looking for but for the experience of home, a place that we wish to return. Home is both a place and a state of mind that provides us with the deep sense of belonging for all our parts, even the unexplored parts.

“How can I get back to Kansas to my Auntie Em’?” Dorothy asks everyone along the way in her journey. She is told go see the Great Oz, the wizard, as he may be able to help her. But instead he only gives her a sort of test. He tells her she must do something before he can help her.

Dorothy concedes to the test, as she wants to return home. Following the yellow brick road, she meets friends and foes with many mishaps, and many dangers along the way.

In this stage, she begins to gather new capacities that develop her talents, gifts and skills, represented in her friends, scarecrow, the tin man and the lion.

Every day she remembers what home was as well as what home has become for her in this new strange world. She mixes it all together like a new recipe of soup. Its ingredients are the insights, and inspirations of a newly awakened brain in the scarecrow, the forgiveness and embracing compassion in the new heart of her friend the tin man and the new courage to be with all kinds of uncomfortable and terrible things in the lion. Her test and quest is completed and she he is ready to go home. Off to the Wizard to find how she can return, but finds that he cannot help her as he is a fraud. One question remains, “How do I get back home?” cries Dorothy. This is the last part of the journey.

In a place of surrendering and high state of readiness, the secret is revealed. Glenda the good witch of the north, “Oh, silly girl “she says kindly, you have always had the power to return home. It just now that you are indeed ready.

Ah, that is the key to the ticket home. Like her, we are ready when we see home not as a building made of rocks, bricks, stone and wood but infused with the spirit of what home can be. A place that promises to hold all parts of us, especially the new talents, skills and gifts that we gathered along the journey.

Simply, it is when we connect with the truth that we indeed belong here. In a place we call Home, an acronym for here on planet Earth.

With a deep breath she repeats s 6 words 3 times, as she clicks the heels of the ruby red slippers. There is no place like home …

Meister Eckhart speaks to this journey of coming home in a quote in which he says, “That God is s at home it is we who have gone out for a walk”.

5 things that you can do to bring in the spirit of your home

Your home is a place where everyone gets to thrive and be who they are and what they are becoming.

  1. Invite the spirit of home by journaling the following question: “What is home to me?” Identify the parts of all the different places and times in which you felt truly loved and a deep sense of belonging. Make a list of what it felt and looked like.
  2. Now, energize your space by placing items that make you feel like you are in those places. I loved a yellow rose bush that my Grandmother had at her house. I don’t have a rosebush, but I use the color yellow in almost every room of my house as a tribute to that place and time.
  3. Awaken your brilliance. Ask yourself this question. What am I becoming? Do I want to become a speaker, a writer, start a business or in good health? Then find a few ways to incorporate these. Example of this may be to make a collage of all the above images, a successful speaker, writer, business person, and/or a picture of a lighter you and hang in your office.
  4. Ask this question to yourself? What qualities do I need to gather within myself in order to move towards that which I am becoming? If you need courage, then find something that brings courage. The color yellow is wonderful for courage or the image of the sun, bold and brilliant. Adding extra lights may do the trick. Another example is one client of mine said she picked up her red rug that was on the floor and hung in on the wall of her entry instead. She said it gave her power for her new job.
  5. Embrace your new space and jump into the world of thriving. When your environment wakes up all of your senses, it supports you and becomes an attraction site for your dreams. Make sure your environments address all five senses, including seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching.