How you can open doors of opportunities?

Is lady luck opening doors of opportunity your way? Or do you feel something blocking your abundance?
In Holistic design’s roots of Feng Shui, your front door, as well as all doors, is considered to be the mouth of chi or energy.

A good door allows the beneficial energy (chi), of success, happiness and well-being and yes, good luck, into your home and in your life. Often you only have to make small tweaks that can yield a big result. These tweaks can take little time or money.

What to hear more?

Let’s start with your the Front Door, as it is your home’s first impression. More importantly, it is the gateway for bringing in vitality and energy into your life. Make your entrance grand and well-defined. Make sure it reflects a happy, joyful and prosperous household. Nate Berkus says, “Your home should rise up to greet you,” and at the end of the day, it should ground you in a sense of peace.” and in the world of Feng Shui, this is also true. Make sure that your entrance feels inviting, inspiring and provides you with a sense of beauty and stability. Any irritations experienced in your front entrance area or getting to your front door will be replicated in your life. Anything blocking your view towards the roadway can block you in your life, so make sure you have a free view in front of your door for at least twenty (20) feet or more if possible.

9 Door hacks for Lady Luck!

  • Keep your front door area clean and inviting.
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the energy and view from the front door for at least 20 feet or more.
  • Make sure that your doorway is clearly marked with plantings, statures or door guardians and well-lit.
  • Clean windows around the front door area.
  • Summertime is about extreme growth- so having an oversized pot of flowers is a way to show up in abundance.
  • Add bright colors through flowers, pots, or any other decorative element lifts the energy.
  • Add or replace a worn welcome mat.
  • Place a bench or chair near the door to invite quests in.
  • Hang a seasonal banner, wreath or plaque near the front door.

Bonus Tip: Lifestyle and Mindset Shift for bringing in greater luck!

Luck begins within your mindset! “Luck or fortune” was found in a series of experiments and it draws a link between feeling lucky and having lucky experiences. A big part of why luck happens is that those who decide to be lucky tend to be luckier. This tool of being observant coupled with setting an intention acts as a powerful magnet attracting luck to us.
Affirmation: I attract what I Focus On

Experiment within your External Environment

Most people would love to have the door of opportunity open. But, many of us forget the power of our mind to open those doors. Your intention to open a door first step is to bring awareness to the doors that are around you. Open doors lead us to new places and opportunities, while closed doors do not. This month’s experiment for you is to focus on doors opening, both literally and metaphorically.

Exercise to Open the Doors of Opportunities

Begin by noticing the doors in your home, car and work place, as well as those you enter throughout the week, maybe at the stores or restaurants. Notice everything about them, do they open easily, swing with ease? Do others open the doors for you, do you open for them? This may be mirroring what is going on in your life. If you are happy with how doors are opening, then bless them and give thanks.

If not, then bring focus to identifying an area of your life that you want to experience an opportunity to open. As you go through doorways, throughout the day, ask the universe to open the door of opportunity for you in that area of your life. If you find your doors at home are in need of some fix in order to swing open with greater ease, set some time aside to fix them. If they are in need of being cleaned, then take some time and clean them. As you do the work of bringing attention to doors, doorways and opening opportunities visualize them opening for you in the way you most want. Take it up a notch by opening all the doors of your house for 5 minutes to facilitate stagnant energy to flow in a favorable way early in the morning or late at night.

The point of this experiment is to keep your eyes open to the doors that are opening in your life as well as to see how powerful your intention is to attract more of what you are wanting. Take notice when new opportunities arise, stay curious and open.

“Be an opener of Doors.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson