Here is a short energy & history

How I came to do what I do now…,

…started my anti-career path becoming a yoga instructor, facilitator of women’s groups and found my spiritual teacher and Shaman, Lynn Andrews. I found that as I healed my creativity started to flourish. I had my “ah ha” moment during a weekend silent yoga retreat, when I found a small ad in a magazine that offered Feng Shui as a way to create harmony in your environment and I knew I was born to do that.

Quote from Katherine Allen…completed an Interior Design program and received training in Feng Shui, which I combined into a successful Feng Shui and design business. It was a perfect marriage between my transformational and energy work bringing greater awareness of the invisible and spiritual worlds.

…have spent over two decades in helping hundreds of clients to unblock blockages from the inside out, setting intention & grounding spiritual energy into their homes and businesses to help them become happier, healthier and more successful. …began to understand firsthand the power of living from the heart-

…quickly realized that my gifts, talents and skills were helping them to overcome mental and emotional blocks and to set an intentional field to attract more of what they were wanting. I begin to introduce Life Design Coaching in tandem with the Feng Shui & Design.

And now, I am fusing together all the good stuff that I learned and gathered for over 3 decades and making it all available to you. This emptying the cup of knowledge I have collected continues to pour out of my experience and direct input from my spiritual source. This easy 3 step integrative system aim is to transform your home and your entire life.

I am committed to make this information available to as many people that want to live in greater awareness, in their power and authenticity, in beauty, harmony, peace, and am truly successful in all areas of their lives. I know that Mother Earth’s in the midst of shaking off the old ways of domination, competition and destruction and is calling each of us to get-it-together, to offer our hidden gifts and talents. We can do that when our inner and outer environments are aligned to our deepest hearts intentions to create the life we want to live.