Bursting into Spring Harmony Tips

The sun is rising earlier now, and the nightfall comes later. Plants are sprouting and the winds are softening. Spring is officially here on March 20, 2018. Regardless of where you are on this planet the energy shift is significant and by taking a brief time to check in and tune in we can align ourselves to this beautiful natural rhythm of this season.

On a personal note, spring is my favorite time of the year. I love to watch the evidence of life returning from winters slumber.

I had all three of my children in the spring so I got to experience the newness of birth close up and personal.

The spring equinox is a shift in balance of day and night and as the equinox gets closer and closer to its arrival of almost not exact equilibrium there is a very strong and sudden movement in the scales that brings an apart new change. And with that new balance there is a point of chaos around that. This new alignment is often a sudden shift that can leave us feeling wobbly unsure of our step, or that the rug is being pulled out from under us. You may or will soon start to significant energetic shifts over the next several weeks as the spring’s explosive energy often brings.

The key to ground your energy is by taking some action steps daily that align to this fresh new vibrant energy called spring. Below, are 7 ways to burst into spring!

  • Add the Colors of spring to your home and wardrobe which include the bright jewel tones of the blooming flowers that are all around you. In addition, the color green is a very important color. The yellowish-greens are some of my favorites – as they are the first colors that emerge out of the winter’s slumber.
  • Spring cleaning, room by room, as you open the doors and windows to allow the stagnant air of winter to be released, invite the new winds of change in your home and spirit. Use lemon or orange citrus aromatherapy or lavender to invite the good spirits in.
  • Change your sheets and take out your trash bins more often is a great way to get the old energy of winter moving into new and creative places.
    Move or fling away 27 things per day for 27 days encourages moving forward into action.
  • Take up the heavy rugs on your floors and the shawls and pillows on your beds, sofa and chairs
  • Take short walks in the morning and at night to help you move the energy within your own body and mind.
  • Plant new seeds.   Just like a garden, spring is the perfect time to plant those new seeds of your desires/goals/dreams.  Ask yourself what has begun to grow this New Year that I want to work on harvesting in my life?  Make a list of these and steps as to how to bring them into fruition on your calendar.