Align your environments to the Autumn Shift

Bring items from out in the yard closer towards the center of the home or store them away.  Add metal in the home; statues, vases, clocks, even a rock near the desk.

If you feel a bit melancholy around this time, try this cure. Fill a round metal vase with autumn flowers. Let the flowers go from vibrantly alive to allowing them to go through all the stages from life to death, letting their colors fade as they wilt and die. It will serve as a visual reminder that autumn is about finding grace when we need to let go.

So focus, celebrate and release is the actions to take for this time. Enjoy the brilliant show of fall colors before saying goodbye to the summer.

Reclaiming Life Focus

How to Align to the Autumn Season

Autumn is the time of the year for hitting the re-set button & re-prioritizing.

The Season of Autumn is a time of harvesting the fruits of your efforts of your dreams and goals that you sowed earlier in the year. To receive the full harvest, you have to continue to tend to your dreams, projects and goals until all the fruits are ripe.

How can you reclaim your life-focus? Give yourself a few hours of uninterrupted time alone. This will create space in which you can begin to hear your soul’s voice as to what projects, activities and goals are important to finish.

Follow this simple yet highly effective process that will help you reclaim your focus, and reboot your joy, excitement and willingness to complete the goals that ring true for you.

To Re-Focus

Write down your goals & heart’s desires that you made at the beginning of the year!

Write down which goals & heart’s desires have been accomplished and can be celebrated!

Make a list of the 6 things that are waiting yet to be completed.

Cross out 3 of them and write the remaining three down on several pieces of paper. Place in various areas of your home to remind you, such as your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror and/or your wallet.