Activate the Heart of Your Home

Your home has a heart too! It is not measured in any scientific facts, but through real experiences by those who live and visit it. Just like your heart space, your homes’ heart is that palpable feeling and vibe that animates that brings love to the space you call home. Carole Hyder, an Integrative Space Specialist, with roots in Feng Shui states that the heart of a home operates like our own heart; it is responsible for keeping everything alive and full of vitality. The biggest question you must ask yourself according to Hyder is, “Do you love your home?” If so, fantastic, you can enhance its love quotient with a few simple tweaks and if not, start with identifying a few things that you do love about your home to get your love energy flowing more. If you think moving is the answer, it may not be, because feeling the love starts with you.

When you lean into your own heart you can more easily create a heart centered home. You activate your heart when you say “yes” to it and allow it to be the center from which you live. When you tune within and check in with your own heart you begin to live from a deeper wisdom that is beyond logic and reason. And, just like the body’s vital organ, the heart creates a strong beat and rhythm in our bodies as does the heart of our homes.

As your ability to lead from the heart you naturally start to create a heart centered home. Most of us have experienced visiting a home that has true heart, it’s a place you want to linger and stay awhile, a place that is both inspiring and relaxing. Most of all it is space that feels safe to be who you are. It feeds the soul. My first and lasting memory of a place like that is that of my Grandmother’s home. It was a sanctuary of peace and I always left infused with the spirit of being deeply loved. To cultivate this feeling of heart, you can begin by finding the heart of your home. Begin by locating it.

Where is its heart? In Feng Shui it is the center of the house that is often aligned with the heart of the home. But, it may be in a different space within your home? Traditionally all the way back to ancient time the family, tribe gathered around the element of fire. Often, you may discover the center of your home is near the fireplace or kitchen, where fire is used to nourish ourselves where you find the center or heart of your home.

Wherever you find this space it is a place that naturally you, your family and quests gravitate towards. The heart space of your home is where you feel comfortable, safe and at ease.

To locate the heart ask these questions? Where do we gather as a family as well as when quests come to visit? Where is the natural hang out area? Or simply, ask your home, where is your heart space? Allow your intuition to help you in receiving the answer.

When you discover your home’s heart space you can further enhance its pulse in the following ways:

  • Make this space light, airy, clean and clutter free as possible. This means keeping in in good order not being a place where stuff starts to stagnant like mail, books, acts.
  • You can create a strong heart pulse by placing a picture of the entire family on a horizontal surface like a table or buffet near the actual location of the center of your home. Or a picture or item that represents the home’s heart or core energy.
  • Heart and nature are interconnected so you can bring in an element of nature, either real or in a statue or pictures. Plants and flowers work. They can be real or silk ones.
  • Items that are round in shape represents unity and wholeness are aligned with earth and its reminder of the cycle of life can be used as well as other natural elements like water in a fountain that flows can be used.
  • Any special mementos or items that connect to your heart can be used as well.
  • Anything that gives off a feeling of warmth like the sun, radiating vital good energy towards every other area of the home, therefore symbols of the heart or candles can be used as well.
  • When both your heart and that of your home are open there is a force unleashed for beneficial energy in every area of our lives. The Math Heart Institute at speaks to the power of the heart being 5000 times that of the head. Learning how to lean and lead from our hearts and extending its power anchored into consciously decorating our homes can be a tremendous positive lifestyle shift towards higher human potential.

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