A Fresh Start to 2020

I personally do not start goals in the first few weeks of January.  I find that the time between New Years and Chinese New Year, which occurs on January, 25th this year, is more of a gestation period, rather than taking action.  It is better served to engage in self-inquiry to access the soul’s desires and to figure out which dreams are calling to you the most as well as to what time best to start them. Practicing stillness, mediation, and self–inquiry will illuminate which changes are the most important from the heart’s perceptive. In the goddess tradition, this process is referred to as “being behind the veil.” The veil is that place within you that holds the answers of what would be right for you. The veil is part of the great mystery we are unaware of, and yet is calling to us. But, before you begin to dive into the Home Within, create a cozy environment within your home to do your soul work.

Below, are a few tips for Creating a Soulful Home

As you wrap up last year, and put away the Holiday decorations, it is an opportunity to create a soulful home environment that will help you set your intentions for 2020.  Here are a few steps to get you started:

Clean and clear your space. 


First, Fix broken things or toss them away. You can also let go of things that you no longer want by making a giveaway box to your local charity or to someone you know would love them.

Clean a drawer or closet 

More ways to clear the energy of your home.


  • Citrus oils or sprays
  • Smudging with sage
  • Incense of lemongrass

Soul Work Inquiry for what’s next in 2020!

Let this New Year begin in a new way by going behind the veil to discover your true hearts desires before taking action.  To get started, consider these 4 steps.

Ask yourself:  

What am I willing to let go of, in order to create the space in which something else can take root and grow?

The next step is to vision stream, which is a tool in which we simply allow the tool of imagination, much like we did as a child, and dream what would you love to be celebrating at the end of this next  year. You don’t need the inner critic at this point because it is all about possibility.

Then visualize your future self already at the end of the 2020 year celebrating all the accomplishments.

And then, lastly, ask yourself this question: “What is my soul’s dream for this year?” Your soul is divinely connected to the bigger dream that knows what is right for you!

Now, bring together the gifts and discoveries of your soul work and your environment together by selecting a picture, accessory or color that gives off the vibe of the New Year, place it in the foyer of your home or office.

New Year
New Energy
New Opportunities
Same Soul Dreams
Fresh Starts

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