5 SIMPLE Design Tips for Greater Love

Valentine Day is time to celebrate those that you love but don’t forget your home. Your home has a heart too! It is not measured in any scientific facts, but through real experiences by those who live and visit it. Just like your heart space, your home can animate a love vibe by attracting the vibration of love into many areas of your home but especially to the bedroom.

A heart centered bedroom is a room that you want to linger and stay awhile, in which you feel nurtured, relaxed, comforted, and most of all safe to be you with a special someone or for greater self-love. Here are 5 tips that when put into practice act like a powerful magnet for receiving and allowing love to flow into your life.

Greater Love with these Design Tips

  1. Soft colors and cozy bedding.
  2. Pairs of things such as vases, statues, candles
  3. Items of the colors red, pink, or white or whatever color speaks” love” to you.
  4. Items of the Earth such as Rocks, clay, pottery, or flowers, things that make you feel grounded, settled and safe.
  5. Pictures of your wedding day and/or a current photo of your partner. If your desire is to attract a partner place a picture of a single man /woman that holds the” vibe” of that person.

Bonus Tip:

The Archeangel Chamuel

If you want to attract a lover, soul mate or deepen your love for the one you are with this Valentine’s Day then ask the Archangel Chamuel to help you.

Chamuel’s message is that we must first love ourselves, in order to love others. Chamuel gently helps us to do that by reminding us that as we become tolerant of ourselves then love from others comes more easily.

Affirmation: I am now attracting the love and intimacy of my perfect partner.