5 Harmony Hacks for No Stress Election Day

In any election year, but especially this one, many of us are experiencing higher levels of anxiety as we draw closer to its conclusion and the inevitable transition of power. But anxiety, which is simply old fashion fear, can blow us off course in our daily lives and away from creating the life that we truly want. Most of us want a fulfilling life with daily doses of harmony and peace. Instead of experiencing a deeper sense of ease, grace and joy, many of us are feeling high levels of fear produced by the uncertainty of the unknown.

There is little doubt we are living in challenging times, in a singularly of times, as Jean Houston, author and human potential expert states it. The evidence of this unique time in history can be witnessed in clashes and division among our neighbors, family and friends. But, what divides us; this truth unites us, that we are all facing great stress.

High levels of stress can make it feel like we are on a huge sea liner and at sea where a storm can arise at any time. It can feel like we are falling into a vast ocean, adrift in open sea, trying to keep our heads above the crashing waves. I have found myself more than once during this election in the countless groundbreaking newsflash cycles experiencing that sinking feeling of being thrown into uncharted waters. Many people I have talked to, that don’t normally get too involved in an election year; have found themselves completely dialed into this election, in a way that is almost compulsive.

Bruce Lipton, in the Biology of Belief says that the power of our environments has a greater influence on us than anything else. Create a peaceful and harmonious environment, both in your mindset and in your physical environments, and there will be peace and harmony in your life. It is completely independent of what is happening around you.

Having less stress on Election Day is possible. Can we “de-stress”, before it gets toxic for us? While we don’t have control over other people and their choices but we do have power to create harmony within our environments. Below are 5 Harmony hacks aimed at how you can De-Stress –your home on Election day, or any other time you find being thrown about into choppy waters of stress.

  1. Find your Inner Stability: Author Adyashanti, in Falling into Grace, states that “every boat has ballast that allows the boat to stay upright even in stormy conditions.” Reminding us that finding our inner-stability will provide a solid foundation that allows us to open and to see what is happening around us in a clearer and objective way. There is great freedom with many choices that become available from this advantage point. Steer the boat out of choppy waves and into to calmer waters by recognizing what makes you feel safe and stable. Make a list of what makes you feel safe and secure. Here are my top 3, classical music, peppermint tea and praying. I will make sure that I do all 3 of these on Election Day.
  2. Add a Salt Lamp to your Environment: Place a Himalayan salt lamp in your entry area or bedroom. They can be found online and in local stores without much trouble. They not only look great giving off a soft pink glow to any room but they change the energy within the environment. They can counter balance positive ions by releasing negative ones that are responsible for make you healthier, strengthening your bones, and give you a boost of energy by increasing oxygen flow. Clean up the air by detoxifying stale air and fight disease by lowering high blood pressure. Make sure you have one in place before November 8, to ensure a peaceful ambiance in your homes no matter what the result of the election.
  3. Add More Light to your Entry: Light is the best antidote for darkness. As humans we need light and sometimes more of it than we realize. Photosynthesis is needed for all kinds of normal functions; not only for our bodies but also lifts the doom and gloom most of us naturally experience as the days get shorter. Up the wattage of the light bulbs in your entry, both outside for an instant uplift feeling as you disperse the darkness of the unknown into the light.
  4. Light a Floating Candle: I call this a Harmony bowl, which is a floating candle with water in a crystal or glass wide mouth bowl. In the 5 element theory, the elements of fire and water are at odds with one another but if you place them together in a crystal bowl of water and a floating candle they are unified. You can feel the entire energy of a space make a shift to harmony when you lit the floating candle within 5 minutes. Light the candle on Election Day and you will discover that, even within the uncertainty, that peace is always present.
  5. Use this Affirmation: Affirm by saying, out loud, whenever the fear arises: “All is well within me.” Words are powerful and they can help us to take back our power. Make an invitation to peace and harmony where and when fear begins to creep into your space. You and you alone, are responsible for creating the life you want and it is not ever dependent on your job, your spouse, your children or even your leaders. The power is within you. Take leadership and affirm what you truly belief and it will be so. Anytime you feel the waters begin to flood your mind, repeat the affirmation as many times as needed: “All is well within me.”

“Follow what is being told to you from the inside out.”
Caroline Myss