5 Back to School Harmony Hacks to help your child ease into the New School Year

Hot summer days are drawing to a close and the flurry of getting back to school for our children and grandchildren has begun. But, in addition to new clothes, back backs and supplies, don’t forget the impact the environment has to insure a successful and stress free back to school experience. There may be no better way to help your children than by setting up an environment that supports them for success – however they define success.

  1. Make Room for the New, by Decluttering! A stress-free mindset can be cultivated by cultivating a daily habit of decluttering. Make it fun and try the drip method, a little at a time rather than a huge big sweep. Ask them to pick 9 items in a closet, drawer or night stand for a 9 days that no longer speaks to who they are now and place these items in a giveaway box, store in a memory box or, if broken, toss. Let your child know that by decluttering they are making room for new things and experiences. Make sure you do this with your child as it is important for your child to have a say on what and where their stuff goes.
  2. Wipe the Slate Clean– The beginning of a new school year is an opportunity to clear the slate and start fresh. Having a new set of sheet and/or entire new bedding set or just a new pillow can signal a mind shift of a fresh new start. Have your child help you in this process.
  3. Is the Bed in the command Position? Your child will feel safe and sleep better when the bed is placed in a way that allows the child to be able to view of who is coming into their room. This helps them to have command over their space and extends to a sense of control in their life.
  4. A Space to Study! Having a designated space for studying will encourage your child to study. Have a desk or desk area in your child’s room or in another area of the house with a chair and a lamp. Also, have a place to store their back backs, books and papers, as well. This can be as simple as a big basket and a hook on the wall or bookcases and shelves allocated for them.
  5. Feeling the Groove. Your child needs to be recognized for a job well done. A perfect way to promote building your child self-esteem is to acknowledge their achievements. Whether is a favorite art project that they are proud of, a well done report or even past certificates or pictures of themselves with their best friends will boost self-confidence and put them in “feel good” groove! Place in a prominent area in their room or near their desk area that can be easily seen.

Your children are like everyone else when it comes to what they want from an environment: They need a space that is special. They need a space where they feel comfortable and safe, a space that supports who they are. This kind of space is the perfect “eco-system” that allows them to continue to move towards their true potential. Helping your child in making a few shifts in their environment can help lift their spirits to thrive and open their mind to new opportunities. And most of all – have fun helping your child prepare for their best school ever.