My Personal Journey

My visionary and pioneering spirit called me to a journey of self-discovery in my late teens, to heal painful and traumatic childhood experiences. This journey inspired me to create a powerful three-step system of practices from multiple disciplines; including yoga, shamanism, and Feng Shui. I have helped hundreds of clients transform their home and business environments over the past few decades, sharing energy strategies that encourage internal and external healing shifts, resulting in a deeper and richer life experience. My blog/newsletter offers Feng Shui and life design solutions for a hectic world.

I now write, speak, and coach from my home base in Boise, Idaho, where I currently live with my husband Jim, my daughter Serena, my son Abel, and my daughter-in-law, Yeng.

Since 1996, my work in Feng Shui and Life Design has been featured in numerous publications, as well as radio and television shows throughout the Northwest. I have been a guest speaker at many venues including Auntie’s Bookstore in Spokane and the Boise Metro Chamber’s Lunch and Learn Series. I was published in International Massage Journal with an article about “Feng Shui for the Massage Room.”  My universal approach to Feng Shui and its evolution in Life Design were featured in a popular workshop at the Green Convention in Boise, Idaho. I have taught numerous additional workshops and was a favorite teacher of Feng Shui at Noetic Massage School in Spokane. My work has benefited hundreds of happy clients throughout the Northwest.

Additional history on how I came to do this wonderful work:

I first began my “anti-career” path by becoming a yoga instructor and facilitator of women’s groups. I found my spiritual teacher and Shaman, Lynn Andrews, and my work and personal journey blossomed when I  found that as I healed, my creativity started to flourish. One day, during a weekend-long silent yoga retreat, I experienced my “ah ha” moment when I noticed a small ad in a magazine that offered Feng Shui as a way to create harmony in one’s environment. Immediately, I knew I was born to do just that.

After completing an Interior Design program and training in Feng Shui, I combined both disciplines into a flourishing Feng Shui and design business. It was the perfect marriage between physical design and my transformational energy work, encouraging greater awareness of the invisible and spiritual worlds.

I helped hundreds of clients remove energy blockages from the inside out through the ancient power of place: Feng Shui. I guided my clients through the design process, setting their intentions and grounding spiritual energy into their homes and businesses to help them become happier, healthier and more successful.

In the course of my work I soon realized that my gifts, talents and skills were going far beyond Feng Shui and design.  Intuitively, I had been helping my clients overcome mental and emotional blocks by raising vibrations and creating energy fields to attract more of what they were wanting in life. I began to introduce Life Design Coaching in tandem with my Feng Shui & Design services.