Design the Life You Want to Live

Imagine living in a state of flow, ease and grace each and every day, living in a way that only can be described heaven on earth?

This 3-month program is aimed is for those ready to demystify the codes that allow greater energy and purpose in daily living and for those who are experiencing an awakening desire to live in greater harmony, happiness and life success on their own terms.

If you are someone that desires to live on a daily basis in MAKING CONSCIOUS AWARE Choices to be HAPPY, JOYFUL AND AWAKEN and are willing to step up and stake a claim to creating your heaven on earth experience this program is for you!

More about the program:

The Way to Harmony program shares information of how to create and sustain “Total Environments” with the downloading of new templates for life design.

These templates serve as blueprints to design the life you most want to live. These downloads draw from the intuitive arts of Eastern traditions of Feng Shui, Shamanism and the spinning wheels, called chakras from the east combined with leading edge western discoveries of creating and sustaining personal thriving eco-systems that unlock human potential.

This is an opportunity to live your highest vibrational potential and to make positive lifestyle changes each and every day.

Harmony by Design is a 5 step process that raises the vibration of your daily life to quicken and attract you deepest heart desires for simplicity, energy and life success.

Brick by brick this program will help you to set a new foundation within your environments inside and out that help to take you on a new journey to living as thought you are in heaven here on earth.

This is not a goal but a step by step process that helps you to leave worn out old rules and introduces you to a new approach of living with a harmony code in which you experience whole life success in your own terms. When this process begins to unfold you will experience a it is a feeling of seamless flow, a sense of being centered in your heart, deeply in touch with soul qualities of simplicity, energy, beauty and harmony.

As you begin to master the ability to create your life in the direction of your heart’s desires you will move easily towards these notable changes:

Accelerated shifts: Working energetically creates breakthroughs by getting to the roots of challenges and provides positive solutions, truly a way to change from the inside out.

Diminished resistance: The Way of Harmony works energetically and helps eliminate struggle that often impedes the flow of change. As you lessen your resistance an ease and a sense of grace replace force & will power.

Focusing your mindset (Inner Environment): Proper focus of your mind helps to build energy and improves your ability to direct energy with deeper clarity toward your deepest heart desires.

Improved Intuition, Creativity and Spiritual Experience: As you begin to unblock the home’s energy; your own personal energy system is strengthened, less burdened with old memories, beliefs and patterns. Then your whole entire system can function better and more energy is available to expand into new possibilities and opportunities.

Your Life Style Coach/Holistic Feng Shui Designer:

Katherine’s visionary and pioneering spirit set out on a self-discovery in her late teen's to heal painful and traumatic childhood experiences. This led her to create a powerful 3 level system of practices from multiple disciplines; including yoga, shamanism, and Feng Shui. She have been in over hundreds of homes and businesses over the past few decades, sharing her "tried and true” design and energy strategies that help her clients in making internal and external transformational healing shifts which result in a deeper and richer life experience. She writes, speaks and coaches from Boise Idaho where she currently resides with her husband, Jim and their daughter Serena.

The Way of Harmony is an evolution of her work over the years with hundreds of clients, both in their homes or in life coaching and as a feng shui holistic designer. In addition, she has facilitated a multitude of women’s groups and circles on Transformation and Healing topics including Transformational Healing, Yoga, Feng Shui, and other health and well-being modalities that aid in transforming their lives to live as heroic feminine leaders and healers for greater improvement in their personal and professional lives and to create the inner/outer environments that support their intentions.

Katherine Allen holds a BA in Art, Community, Health and Sociology, a Professional Interior Design degree and is certified in Feng Shui. Katherine is trained in the intuitive arts through an Apprenticeship with Shaman Lynn Andrews, as well as Yoga certification and many other holistic practices.

The Program comes with these privileges:

6 Private one-on-one mentoring calls with Katherine (3mos. program)

Each month you and I will meet on the telephone for PRIVATE 45 minute personal mentoring sessions.

3 Teaching Calls which includes an area of the home and its corresponding energy center will be highlighted.

Month 1: Creating greater Energy Awareness within your Inner and Outer Space-The introduction of “The Way of Harmony” and perspectives found in Feng Shui in tandem with Life Design. You will learn the foundational steps for a starting a path of harmony, experiencing a greater sense of well-being, productivity and creativity

Explore the link between energy and the successful creation of health and prosperity.

Learn how you can begin to apply these concepts on a practical level within your home and within your life

Month 2: Root Chakra and Wealth and Prosperity Area of your Home Abundance is your birthright. This month is about discovering ways in which the mindset and the external environment stabilizes the root chakra which serves as a foundation for;

  • Increasing vitality
  • Transcending your fears
  • How Creating abundance can become natural and easy

Month 3: Sacral Chakra and Family Area of your Home

This month’s focus is on the family and social energy center. The Universal law of free will be discussed and ways that your family life can be enhanced.

We will explore;

  • What it means to go with the flow
  • The requirements to set healthy boundaries
  • To create your day from personal vision and a stronger point of view of your personal and global vision.

3 Templates of the Month

Each Teaching Circle call will be followed by a life design template of a chart, checklist, meditation or tool that you can add to your “Way of Harmony,” toolkit that you can quickly implement.

3 Live Coming Home Sacred Circle held monthly.

Sacred circle is designed to share and discuss your experience of applying the concepts /tools from the teaching call and to speak your truth. This portion of our call will not be recorded.

Your monthly teaching call introducing a new tool and a live Circle Harmony Mastermind call with Q and A time. Both are recorded for your convenience so that you can listen to them when you want.

The calls are designed to teach you knew energetic tools, techniques and to help you develop a mindset for creating a new blueprint for life as well as Feng Shui cures and leading edge strategies for seating the intention of experiencing heaven on earth. This leads you to empowering yourself for making decisions and taking actions that lead to greater success ease, a better flow in your life, and more joy! You may also gain more personal fulfillment in your life, work, family, community and this in turns benefits the entire world.

Monthly Progress Tracking Email

Before your first Private call of the Month with Katherine you will receive an email to list your accomplishments, celebrate your successes and to check in. A 24-hour turn around email will outline any additional feedback from Katherine so that our next personal call can have a running start of what is important to you to move to your next step.

Monthly Teaching Circle and Harmony Circle Time: 2nd Thursdays of each month at 4:00 PT, 5:00 pm MT, 7:00 pm EST the teaching call will be 45-55 minutes followed with sacred circle gathering that runs an additional 45 mins.

(These dates/times may change to adapt to the majority of the group)

Your enrollment in this program includes these Bonuses (Valued over $750.00)

Bonus 1: Weekly blessings/prayers (priceless)

Bonus 2: Templates/description of the Ba-qua grid of the 9 areas of your home and checklists. Valued at $47.00)

Bonus 3: Recorded downloadable Mp3 of monthly teaching calls. ($250.00)

Bonus 4: Seasonal ceremony alignment teachings and meditation for each season. (2 seasons are covered every 6 month program) Valued at $250.00)

Bonus 5: Personal Gift selected by Katherine.

Harmony By Design Program

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